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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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meta rec - why is there not more shunning by poisontaster
john, first strike
While not directly about the last few weeks of stunning lapses of intelligence (IE OSBP, Kristallnacht most recently), this is an interesting conversation about how fans deal with events, people, things that cross our lines (sexism, racism, etc).

Why Is There Not More Shunning? by poisontaster

I'm not going to quote, because I don't want to remove anything from context. There are some interesting conversations and commentary going on in terms of shunning, dogpiling, the whys, the ethics and the various ways all these things intersect.

From a purely intellectual standpoint (for whatever value assigned to my ability to be objective about the behavior of my tribe, so to speak), I find this utterly fascinating. Personally, it feels like reminder, warning, and question all at once. What it's asking, though, I'm not sure yet. I'll get back to you on that.

Short version: read.

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What it's asking, though, I'm not sure yet.
Hahaha. I don't think I'm sure either...which is usually when/why I write these things.

I agree shunning needs to be more ... organized, I guess, to have an impact. But I do intensely dislike dogpiling, because... while I have seen it done almost cruelly. People get *nasty* and I do believe how you address someone should always err on the side of polite. You can be polite and still absolutely firm and resolute in your views. Unfortunately, when passions are raised and with the relative protection of not having to look at the person you are rebuking in the face ... some people are almost vicious, and many are curt and rude.

But that's "my" rules of conduct, and I get the impression many don't agree with me, so. *shrug*


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