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Mea culpa.

This is where I say, I have never been mistaken for a literary snob because if it's written in a language I can read, it's likely I'll read it (my reading Finnish and reading Spanish were always about ten times better than my spoken. Well, not now. Now my reading Finnish is mostly an ability to recognize the case of any verb I see. May not know the verb, but I know with that suffix, the bastard means under the. Sometimes). However, I will admit I have never really seen the attraction of the political thriller, the spy novel, or the mystery. If it wasn't sff, horror, or historical, I just wasn't all that interested.

(There was also the novels of Gor, which one day, God willing, I will talk about how that really should have prepared me more for fandom than it did. Mostly, it was my personal rebellion: I covered it with paper and read about enslaved branded women during class feeling very rebellious when my eighth grade teacher denied me Lord of the Flies on the grounds I was too young. I stole it from the high school library; wow, was that a letdown. Seriously. Still bitter. This was also the year of Flowers in the Attic (and related) and Virginia Henley's purple prose. That I survived is still a mystery.)

(Also, I once had a summer of John Grisham that proved to me I did in fact have a secret masochistic tendency. It was all there was to read. A part of me believes at least a portion of my need to write stems from the fact that I never want to be in a position again where my choices are various terrifying religious texts, re-reading The Seven Towers to the point of being able to recite chapters, or ten John Grisham novels. That was a dark time. A very dark time.)

(We won't even discuss John Saul or Dean Koontz. Those were dark days and directly related to, I think, a secret desire to die. There's really no other justification.)

(I'll stop the parenthesis now.)

The Bourne Identity is surprising me. This is very, very readable and is not bogging down in unnecessary detail. And I have to admit, I am kinda impressed he isn't screwing up his pronouns when one character as yet has no name, is referred to as the patient, and the fact he is doing this is not irritating me at all.

Fine. I was totally unconsciously judgmental. I totally cop to it.
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