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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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beta help please
children of dune - leto 1
Need a beta. Seven thousandish words. Yes. That one.


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I'll do it--at least the non-porny bits. You'd probably want someone else to take a close look at those.

I am very good at catching typos and saying "I think this sentence is missing at least one word" and such. Also, I currently have nothing else to do except read Heidegger, so you'd be doing me a favor.

email or googledocs? Email me at jenn@thegateway.net

WHEE! Now I won't start deleting sections randomly in a fit of paranoia.

*rubs hands together gleefully*

This is going to be fun.

um, is this one I want? You know my wants.

Hmm. Still interested? I have another one you *might* be interested in.

*waits patiently*

In case that wasn't clear -- yes, send it to the usual stand.

I'm sending you the googledocs info. Click on the link. Now warning--it's still in progress, so if you want to wait to see the whole thing, that's fine, but if you can work with a progress story, plot continuity is, in this case, vital. It's currently at twenty thousand words and counting as of now.

Emailing now. Just click on the link provided to get the story.

I am always available to help out. lillianebutler at gmail dot com

woah! Is this *the* one that I desperately want? You know... 'the one that got a lot of people upset'?

oh dear god, PLEASE let it be THAT one!!! *throws herself on ground and begs*

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