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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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oh please, you have got to be kidding
children of dune - leto 1
Yes, officially sick. Low fever, coughing, sneezing, congestion, bitterness. No lethargy yet, just very tired. Still hungry, good thing. It seems I will be sleeping sitting up for the next few days. This in a lot of ways sucks. It would suck more if I hadn't recognized it, I suppose, and kept taking allergy meds, since that's quite a waste of time.

I'm just going to say it--if this ends up pneumonia, I have no pride. I want a TV. And lipgloss. The universe and my lungs owe me this. I can't even figure out how it started, to be honest. I testing my breathing weekly and I know three days ago there wasn't any change. Yesterday I woke up with a headache and a cough and sneezing (sneezing is good! Or so they say).

So far, just general ick. I need to find my inhaler. And here it is. Just thinking about steroids again makes my entire body rebel.

...seriously. It's been since September. It's been a year since the last time I had five doctors tell me they didn't know what was wrong with me. I do not like this. I want it to stop. I want a fucking pony.

And that ends self-pity. For now. You who are new--wow, you might want to scan for anything where I mention bodily fluids for a bit and skip. It's deeply boring.

In other news--er. I have a pretty robe to wear this time? That makes it better?

How long does an inhaler last? Is six months old too old? Does my body understand I do not have time for this?

I've gone through mine too quickly to know if six months is too old, but I would call my doctor and see. Even if you don't, at least spray it twice beforehand to prep it first. Sorry to hear that you're sick. At least you have the pretty robe? Breathing problems are never fun. I hope you get on the mend soon.

I prepped it first. It rattles and it tastes just as bad when I breathe after. *sighs* My life, gah.

your inhaler is good for a year, so long as there's something in it. shake it - does it feel like something's rattling around in there? then it's good.

are you dealing with bronchitis, asthma, allergies? do you know?

sympathies on the steroids - I had to take Advair once for a severe asthma attack and I *hated* it.

if it's asthma - you can bump your inhaler up to every 3 hours to get you thru the worse of it... my daughter and I both have asthma, can you tell?

wah! sending you virtual soup and tea...

It's an irritating story, but November 2006, April 2007, and Sept 2007 I was diag with atypical pneumonia. Sept was the only one I didn't have to be hosptialized for, probably because my doctor and I realized it wasn't allergies much earlier than the first two times. I'm hoping I can head this off without it getting to the sad ambulance stage. That is just so much less fun than it sounds. (Granted, I did like being able to look around inside of one, I'll admit it.)

Maybe it's just a summer cold? It's the right time for that, and the weather has been kind of erratic. I've been having allergy issues for the past couple of weeks.

*hugs* and I'm making the avert-evil-eye sign against the pneumonia gods.

*crossing fingers* I'm hoping. I realized so early, so I'm hoping that will head it off. And drinking a lot more water and sitting up instead of lying down.

I'm going to try that evil-eye sign. That sounds good.

*hugs* The inhaler has an expiration date on the tube part. But, they're not that expensive. I'd check to see if the pharmacy had a refill available. They're only good for a certain number of puffs (even if they still keep weakly puffing).

*thoughtful* Iknow I didn't use all of this one, but yeah, they should be able to refill. I think there may be a refill on here. Hmm.

Put up whatever wards, hocus pocus, animal/vegetable/fangirl sacrifices you have to. Last spring's shenanigans are not to be repeated.

In other words, feel better soon.

I was thinking of naked night dancing beneath the moon. But it is supposed to rain.

*stares at sky* Stupid rain.

No no no!

You can't be sick! *Pets you* It's just a cold?

I'll keep my fingers crossed, and sacrifice a small chicken in your honor.

(or at least a skinless, boneless, breast of chicken.)


*hugs you* I am hopeful.It's not bad at all already, just unnerving.

*eyes you* I can't believe you've gotten this competitive with me over *pneumonia.* I'll CONCEDE, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. DON'T DIE OKAY.


I want a fucking pony.

Princess Snickerdoodle gave Jamboree a quick-- okay no, too easy.

You are totally on my list of people going against the wall when the revolution comes.

I totally am converted to the ability to transmit colds across the internet. I just got sick, and there've been at least three other f-list people who are also sick posting in the past week.


Aside from the McKay like selfish me mongering--I'm sorry to hear that you're sick! I hope you get better, because it's spring and pretty out and hmm... that might imply allergies though, which isn't as fun. Well, in any case, yeah. With the commiseration and suchlike.

*dies* My flsit has several too. I am suspicious.

Thank you!

*hugs* Oh, Jenn, I hope it's just a regular cold and nothing as serious as pneumonia. It'd be horrible for you to have to be in the hospital.

If you want so badly to around in the insides of an ambulance, go flirt with an ambulance driver or something. Seriously, pneumonia is so old; there are better words.

*sends you naked Sheppard and naked Jason to bring you your medicine.* It's better than chicken soup *eg*

Get better soon!


And thanks. So far so good. Practicing deep breathing.


Here's hoping this is just a simple cold and not another repeat of That Other Stuff.

(I give you the anger!baby icon above to help you express the frustration of continuing/repeating illness. If anger!baby don't scare it away...)

*crossing fingers* Me too.

Oh, no. Please continue to, um, breathe and stuff. Are we setting up some kind of fannish fund to sacrifice to the pulmonary gods on your behalf? I would contribute!

We seriously need to find the pantheon of gods related to maladies and figure out what they want.

Also, *hugs*.

Hmmmm, like everyone else, hoping it's just a simple cold rather than a repeat of last year's stuff.

Feel better soon. *hugs*

I have fingers crossed. it's so early that I'm hoping it'll pass normally and not descend. Gah.

*sends sparkly barrettes* (sorry, fresh out of ponies)

Ooh, barrettes! *GLEE*

Ditto to all the above wishing you much better and hoping for the best in this. I was largely there in my early 20s, and I remember how frustrating it was to feel so much as a sniffle coming on. {{{many hugs}}}

On that other thing, I won't tell you where I was today and what I saw prancing about in a breeze-rippled field of alfalfa...but it wasn't lipgloss, and I thought about you right off.

*dies* In alfalfa. I am not bitter. At all. Even a little.