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seriously, I need decent subject lines here

Part A

maiyri deleted her livejournal.

I, for one, am completely and utterly shocked. Shocked, I say.


You know. I can't help but feel the entire thing is related to's new and improved ficsquad. Sadly, I am just not interested enough to follow it much further. Sad.

Part B

Dear svmadelyn,

You have totally given me your cold/flu/deathsickness. God I hate you. No, I do not want to discuss the colors. My throat hurts. There is tissue necessities. I feel vaguely nauseated. Yes, I understand that normally you cannot catch illness from someone online. This is not normally. This is you willing me to illness. I can feel it.

Part C

Whilst reading Dean Koontz, my mother suddenly yelled Oh John Ringo, No!. I have done my duty to the universe. She is also chatspeaking on GuildWars and I no longer have any idea wtf her convos are saying. They do not have vowels.

Also, for those reading this who play; can you direct me to a forum/guild/place/area where she can get people over age fifteen? I'm getting nervous at the number of exclamation marks she's using and a week ago, she started muttering about locking people up below the age of eighteen. This is making me nervous.
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