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Okay, polling. We could be wrong.

Rant on FFR About Concrit Sent to a Twelve Year Old

svmadelyn: the girl. that was given the concrit.
svmadelyn: the original author.
seperis: Yes, she's twelve?
svmadelyn: yes. she's *fake*.
seperis: *intrigued*


svmadelyn: *nods* I'm just saying - that is not a 12 year old.
svmadelyn: I can feel it.
svmadelyn: *eyes narrow*
seperis: Hmm.
seperis: Just a second
svmadelyn: yes, I am looking there now.
svmadelyn: she is *not 12.*
svmadelyn: i'd bet money that "it was a psych experiment!" chick did *everything.*
seperis: I'm reading for style.
svmadelyn: hmm. it is 43 chapters though
svmadelyn: that is *serious dedication*
svmadelyn: if that is so
seperis: Well.
seperis: They are about five hundred words each.

I have been wrong before and doubtless will be again. But for the record; for a twelve year old, that's some schizophrenic sentence structure and comma use. The kind that comes when you're trying to write badly and keep forgetting and doing it correctly every once in a while. I'm also vaguely unhappy with the spelling mistakes.

Fandom Wank Entry


ETA: And I think this is two different people. Schizophrenic style changes as well. Yes, fine. This is weirdly fun. Also, JF is down and I'm sulking.
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