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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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it's got to be some kind of retribution for that tantrum I threw
children of dune - leto 1

Since the beginning of the year, I've been hit and miss on feeling particularly inspired, and Last Men put me in a bad mood. I thought, well. Fine.

..and in two weeks, I started three stories, one of which just hit six thousand words, teh second twenty thousand, the third staring at me, and I reopened Crimes to add I don't even know how much toward the ending (ending! God. It could actually end!)

I'm sorry--what the hell? I am all about whee writing but I replotted six scenes while trying to sleep and the six thousand word one I started outlining a tentative sequel that involves a lot of roadtripping and hiding from authorities (totally didn't see that coming after mainling Jason Bourne, no).

What. The. Hell?

And now I really want an AU where Marie survives and finds a way to systematically hunt down Jason's killers. Or something. Except it's depressing. Yet weirdly entrancing.

My fingers hurt.

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(Deleted comment)
*stares at it all* I swear this is how people go crazy.

anything that makes writing actually happen is by definition a good thing. Seriously. And I want some. what was it again? Jason Bourne?

I have rewatched scenes of him and Marie and scenes of him being cute (those are many) and scenes of him walking so many times I horrify myself.

DAMN HIM. I wnat to cross him over with every fannish crush I have ever had.


Have you seen that fantastic Bourne vid made by thevetia and klia?

....link. Plz. Plz. Plz. Plz.

Here's their site. It's on the VVC 2005 (?) dvd set, as well. Really quite a fantastic vid, using footage from the first two movies.

Aha! And I remembered the name: Street Cafe. I think.

I watched.

...my hormones are so freaking out of whack. I keep thinking, such a good father. I could hack for him! We could teach our children wonderful life skills like breaking and entering and clearing a room! I have an education plan.

*thoughtful* This is how the astral plane marriage thing starts, isn't it?

This is how the astral plane marriage thing starts, isn't it?

Oh, dear. And, heee!

CRIMES?! *perks way up*

20k of something else? And another?

Sleep is highly overrated. Really.

I think I'm losing the fingerprints off the tips of my fingers. *mournful*

can I just be amused that all of your posts of late have included the icon with John Sheppard contemplating someone's doom?

Otherwise known as the "Crimes Against Humanity Icon"?

because yes. *grins*

Also, I can't wait to read everything Jason Bourne has inspired.


Maybe a very atypical form of spring fever?

Also, if you're in the mood for the distilled essence of Jason Bourne and don't have time to watch a whole movie, you might want to look at Street Cafe -- you can request the password if you don't have it already. One of my all-time favorite vids: explosions, ass-kicking, and occasional heartbreak. (It's also on the VividCon 2005 DVD, I think.)

The one thing I really really wished they'd kept from the Bourne books was Marie living.

I loved Marie.

Yo, I am in the denial place where they never showed her body removed from the river. And a possible fourth movie.


And now I really want an AU where Marie survives and finds a way to systematically hunt down Jason's killers.

...Yes. YES. Please please please, that would be awesome.

And now I really want an AU where Marie survives and finds a way to systematically hunt down Jason's killers. Or something. Except it's depressing. Yet weirdly entrancing.
Oooh, intriguing!!

My fingers hurt.

It's not so bad, really. If your fingers fall off from typing we could build you new prosthetic Lex LuthorTM ones, or maybe replicators fingers with nanite technology. You could mate with nanite-infested!John. It'd be a good life.

I'm sure we could build you a replicator!Bourne, too. A small harem of barely adjusted sociopaths at your, ehem, disposal. All for the sake of more fic :)

Oooh, Marie on the warpath- that's an awesome idea!

I loved her and for me, the two films after the first just didn't have the same feel or connection to me as the first one did. So, while I love Bourne, I just don't love him as much ALONE.

In the novels, as far as I understand it, she DOESN'T die so I was sad that they chose to go that route.

But that is a great idea. Because I always read their story this way- she was a woman who was a drift and didn't know where she wanted to go. And through her adventure with Jason, she figured some things out about herself and made real decisions about her future. She bought the shop, etc. He shows up to be with her AFTER she's made a decision for herself and chosen a path that she wants to walk. She's more confident and self sure because of it.

If Jason was killed, I think that the Marie at the end of the movie could make that decision to go after those people because she loved him. He helped her find the things that she was willing to stop running for- she gave him the same thing. And for her, that was a very big deal. For that to be ripped away from her, after everything they went through, I could see her going rogue.

Because you know that he was teaching her stuff on the side. He knew that the possibility existed that someone would come after him and he wouldn't want her to be completely without survival skills. In my mind, I'm sure he left her with someone that she could contact for help and if I were writing this story, that's where I would start, in terms of her training and such. She calls the emergency number, they come and get her and she expresses her desire for revenge. And the ball starts rolling.

Oh man, I want to write this but I don't think I could- I just don't have the mind for spy stories. But man, just the idea of this story being out there is cool...

I don't think Jason's dead. This is just from the movies, because I've never read the books, but the look on Nikki's face at the end of Ultimatum, when the newscaster says they haven't found Jason's body, says he's not. That cute little "Yeah, you'll find a body--NOT!" grin. :)


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