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Re-reading Anne of Green Gables made me adventurous earlier this year and I decided I would re-read Emily of New Moon.

Oh my God. I hate her. How can I hate her? It's Emily. I think I am broken in some fundamental way!

I also casually slashed Teddy with everyone mentally just to see if it would trip my squick. Here is what I learned; I also now really want Darcy/Wickham.

That is all. Just--trauma. And whatnot.

Wow. I could be more boring, but I think it would involve a long, loving description of fly fornication while naming the anatomical parts correctly. Sad.
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Your icon in conjunction with Anne Shirley made my brain break.

Just so you know.


...wow. I wish I could say i was going for deliberate contrast, but I just matched mood to keyword.

*tilts head* Can I *pretend* it was ironic contrast?

I loved Emily when I was about eleven, but I started re-reading "Emily Climbs" (my former favorite volume) and I found her pretentious and annoying.

Pairings I want more than any of the canonical ones:

Teddy/Dean (I find this strangely charming where Emily/Dean is just creepy)
Ilse/all the girls in high school

Ilse was awesome. Emily--God. Emily Climbs was when I derailed completely. The snobbery drove me nuts. I get it was right for the time, but at least in Anne's books, it wasn't so blatant.

I don't remember the details, but I remember *really* disliking her and finding Teddy to be incredibly boring. What a letdown after Anne.

Yeah, Teddy--didn't do all that much. Kind of painted stuff. And then--painted stuff. And sometimes talked. A little.


Double posting because I forgot to log in the first time...

Darcy/Wickham? No. Just... no.

Darcy/Fitz? Now as far as i am concerned taht was practically canon. Obviously back when they were young and before Bingley came on the seen. But absolutely. Darcy and Fit were that fun, coltish, boy love before Darcy became guardian of his sister, and felt the weight of his social position quite so much.

Darcy/Wickham would be... messed up. Do you see it as before or after the abduction of Ms Darcy? Oooooh, or perhaps part of the bribe to marry Lydia?

*Arggggh* No no no ! I have work to do and I have already said no to this pairing! I WILL NOT SLASH JANE AUSTEN CHARACTERS ESPECIALLY THESE TWO - DAMN YOU JENN!!!!

*Runs and hides from the images dancing through her head of elegant hands and sordid boarding houses*

Re: Double posting because I forgot to log in the first time...

Wow, when I have thought of Darcy/Wickham I always assumed it would be before Georgiana - a contributing factor to their current animosity - but making it part of the bribe is delightful. But the scenarios are not mutually exclusive!!

I liked Emily of New Moon but I didn't like any of the rest of the books except for when Ilse ran away and married Perry. I loved loved loved Magic For Marigold though it was awesome! And The Blue Castle

Oh, that was *so cute*. Teh only thing that bothered me was the pacing at the end. But I loved Ilse going to Perry. It was perfect.

Oh, Emily. With the whole thing with the stalkery neighbor (was that Dean?) and burning the manuscript and falling down the stairs! It was all so DRAMATIC and 17-year-old, you know?

And yet pathetic. Emily was pathetic. Made me crazy.

And yes, Teddy was dull as dishwater.

God yes. *Irritating*. *grinds teeth*

I just found my old copy of Jane of Lantern Hill, and I'm looking forward to taking it on my week away next week and rolling around in the flowery language, righteous teen anger, and Parent Trap: Now With 100% Less Twins! plot. It's going to be awesome.

Hands down, my favorite L.M. Montgomery book has to be her collection of short stories, Along the Shore. Those are fantastic.

I need to read that one. Both of those. *makes note*

I'm sorry.

Darcy/Bingley OTP

Yeah, that's definitely good too; I think just depends on what kind of dynamic you like in your slash; my theory:

Darcy/Bingley : Harry/Ron :: Darcy/Wickham : Harry/Draco

Now I just have to figure out what corresponds to Harry/Snape. Elizabeth/Lady Catherine de Bourgh ??


'Scuse me for budging in, but I read some where that Mary Sue, I mean, Emily was LM's most autobiograghical character, or something, Do I mean biograghical?

At any rate, that probably accounts for a lot of the crappiness of the books. I prefer Jane Of Lantern Hill, myself.

*bites lip* You know, if that's true, that explains a lot.

Yeah, Emily was a bit of a massive let down after Anne [who y'know I loved and wanted to BE and related with so damn much with the whole off in her own world thing and AJSHKASDJKHSD GILBERT!!111 ♥].

Emily was just... too much of a snob and irritating I guess. I still love the books but she irks me. Isle however is brilliant. :D Didn't really mind Teddy. Loved Perry though. :P

I liked Jane of Lantern Hill a lot.

Ilse was awesome. I loved her.

Okay, *really* reading Jane of Lantern Hill now.

I read Wickham, and in my head thought Bingley, and that made perfect sense (Why does the good natured Bingley put up with the obnoxious Mr. Darcy? Why does the intelligent and interesting Mr. Darcy put up with the seemingly too tolerant Bingham? Put in SGA AU context, it all makes sense. John Bingham's good nature is a front, etc., Rodney Darcy is really just that awesome. Anyways. I'm sure this has been done.)

Wickham/Darcy though....that's crazy! And also Hi-larious. Such angst and tragic underpinnings!

*giggles* I like hilarity combined with uberangst.

A friend of mine read the Emily books as an adult and was 100% squicked by the inappropriate feelings that one adult guy had towards Emily for the whole book and was traumatized by the fact that she almost married a pedophile. =))

Also: Pat of Silver Bush was my favorite series, despite its terribly unfortunate name.

I can't believe that this is the comment, of all possible topics, that I'd de-lurk on, but I just read this story a couple days ago and so I present to you Profanation of Our Joys. Summary: "Wickham must deal with his unrequited love of Darcy."

So, there's that.

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