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mental health is so overrated
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, so The Bourne Identity and movie sequels....

The thing is, I get the Man Builds Things and Gets Lots of Pussy (AKA OH JOHN RINGO NO) attraction. Because I get the same soothing feeling from Man Gets Pissed and Blows Up Lots of Shit (and Then Gets the Girl (or Boy)) (I get an equal charge from Woman Gets Pissed and Blows Up Lots of Shit; I could possibly spontaneously re-Kinsey for a female Jason Bourne.) There's a wonderful, gleeful joy in seeing uberconfidence combined with high power weapons and an intrinsic understanding of bodycounts and an almost Mary Sue quality of "I am your god and my, I am pissed right now, so watch me omnipotently fuck your shit up."

It goes beyond sexy. It is like the Steel Magnolias of revenge. Both are overcoming adversity; one just wants to make sure that everyone who was adverse does not get to overcome anything ever again. Really thoroughly.

I think this explains my early fascination with the Bond movies; I mean, don't get me wrong, I loved them all. And I loved Mission: Impossible movies for the same thing. But Bourne has that gleeful joy of vengeance is mine and you are all very stupid; let me educate you that just takes it to the next level. It's nice to have a protangonist both obsessive-compulsive, a little broken, and deeply, deeply hot. Not to mention competence. God. The competence.

Yes, it does not hurt that Matt Damon is one of like, three actors in teh world who can actually convey a range of deep emotion with an eyebrow twitch. Jesus. I always forget watching these predisposes me to want to write lots and lots of revenge fic.

In short. Guh.

Anyone else?

Yes, that, that right there???


GOD YES. Guh. Jason Bourne just does things for me.... ;)

Yes. It's like--I keep staring going "Please kill more of your enemies. They totally deserve it. Please. May I have some more?"

Oh, HELL YES. *reminds self to Netflix the third already, dammit*


Yes, oh yes.

It's just. Everything with Bourne is so deeply personal, but take away the pettiness and inject a *lot* of focus, paired with sweet physical power and sheer intelligence. Never say brains isn't sexy, mmm.

(And they're making a fourth movie!)

there's more?



What I absolutely adore beyond all measure in the first one is how utterly terrified Jason is. How, even as he instinctively disarms and kills, what is compelling is how afraid he is of who he was and who he might be. And how effectively that comes across in nearly every single scene.

And tho the 2nd film isn't my fave, watching it and the 3rd film together? OMFG. Pam Landy > Everyone. Also, it made me 'ship Jason/Nikki, which I didn't think was possible due to the overwhelming OTP-ness of Jason/Marie, yet I believed because the performances were just dead on, and they were lovely and subtextual instead of operatic, and also, after Pam (who is AMDE OF AWESOME), Nikki > Everyone.

Edited at 2008-04-27 09:22 pm (UTC)

GOD I LOVED HIM AND MARIE. Just--God. All that sweetness and love and affection and protective caring from both of them.

Two broke my heart. *Sniffles* I need to see three tonight and see if I get the vibe from Nikki. I did like her in the first one, weirdly enough.

Mmmmm *purr* in fact you've inspired me to go re-rent those RIGHT NOW.

Total must-watches. Multiple times. (That is why I had to buy them. I know me.)

It's the competence what gets to me every time, especially the competence "in killing stupid people that tried to fuck up with me and mine."

That's why John from The Eye/The Storm as well as from Outcast and Miller's Crossing do wonderful things to my ovaries. God, the competence!

And yes, Matt Damon is hot!

Yes. Yes. Yes. The Storm/The Eye and the other myriad times John slides into "Yes, death now". Exactly. Exactly.

You've pretty much nailed my love for action heroes in one succinct LJ post. The competence, the omnipotence...I love the Bourne movies as well, and the Die Hard movies, and even "Shooter" and "Hitman" (more recently) completely turn my crank. It's that brilliant competence as a deadly killing machine. The exponentially increasing hotness factor of being the ultimate badass. The "you suck and I will beat you up, then slap you around, then rub your face in your suckitude, then kill you" thing is amazing. So is the "one man against the machine" factor: all these movies have the lone hero (sometimes two) against a large number of baddies, and it highlights that competence EVEN MORE.

You might laugh at this, but it's one of the reasons I love the Pitch Black/Chronicles of Riddick movies so much. Sure, cheesy sci-fi...but oh, the amazing asskicking!

OH MY GOD YES DIE HARD. And The Last Boy Scout (I was like, thirteen when I rented that one and never got over it. Bruce Willis == dear God yes). This is like my high-comfort area right here.

And double yes on Pitch Black. Badass *awesome*.

(Marks down Hitman and Shooter)

Loved, loved the first movie. Was really pissed in the second movie when they killed the woman. To me that changed the story: Jason was caring about someone other than himself, he had someone to ground him, and then, bam, she's dead. And suddenly I didn't care about the story as much!

Have yet to see the third-- will put in on my Netflix Q, since I hear good things about it.

I'm watching the third after rewatching the second tonight. I want to see where they go with him. So much.

(Yes, Marie. Gah. Hurts. So much.)

*nodsnods* I got the whole trilogy for Christmas, watched them that day with my mom, later that week with my dad, and later that month with my friends. "You are all very stupid" + car chases --> never gets old.

YES. It never does! And that supercompetence just *calls* me. My deeply primeval ovaries mutter "He will be a really good provider during the apocalyse you know,". And the Zombie Uprising.

...yes, I totally go there. Or just, my secret dream of becoming his pet hacker or something. It's very sick and delicious. I am so going to hell.

There's a wonderful, gleeful joy in seeing uberconfidence combined with high power weapons and an intrinsic understanding of bodycounts and an almost Mary Sue quality of "I am your god and my, I am pissed right now, so watch me omnipotently fuck your shit up."

YES EXACTLY. Using my Ronon and Teyla will kick your ass icon.

I generally avoid big blockbuster movies (and movies in general) but I absolutely adore the first Bourne movie, and liked the second quite a lot. Haven't seen the third, but Jason/Marie = ♥

And genderfuck Bourne? Would be more awesome than words can say. Dooo iiiit!

God yes. So. Much. Win. *glee*

Actaully, it would be intersting. *mulls*

As much as I love the parts where Bourne blows up stuff and drives cars down stairways and all, what really gets me is his general competence. He can dye hair, wipe down a room, steal a car, speak a dozen languages--whatever. And he doesn't make stupid mistakes. Sure, he's kind of crazy, and has decided he basically doesn't want to be himself anymore, doesn't want to kill people--but he still does it damn well when necessary.

If I have a kink, it's people being competent. I will root for the bad guy if he knows what he's doing and doesn't start being stupid. (Not that that happens often.) Unless the hero is equally intelligent and kick-ass.

God yes. It's--yes. I love when he whips through a room like, ten steps ahead of everyone else. Yes. That. Exactly.

Yes! Exactly that. Each and every Bourne movie has delighted me to no end, not least because the action is grounded in amazing character work. There's tension and peril and then explosive fights and eeeeeee!!!

It really is. Teh movies are all action, but they're fantastic character too, and Matt Damon seriously, *seriously* works to make Bourne extremely understandable and human as well as terrifying (and ever so hot).


It's like, wow, beautiful and yes, it helps that unlike many Bourne doesn't try to be genteel about it, when he's not blowing shit up, and wow can Matt Damon genuinely act.

It's like a conflagration of awesome :)

Hell yes. I've loved Matt Damon since I first saw him, and I love how he chooses such a range of movies and tries so many different characters.

And hell yes. Bourne's chilly straight-to-the-throat is like--guh. Guh.

Sarah Connor. Holy shit. She was the person who taught my then-11 years-old-self that women were hot as fuck. I was crushing on her for years.

I was in love with Jason Bourne before the movies came out (long before, relatively speaking - I think I read the books in the... early 90's? Late 80's? No, no - early 90's) and I was absolutely floored by how well Matt Damon does Can Pass For Totally Harmless But Is Apparently Completely Psychotic. Combined with Bourne's uber-competence... nnnrrggh.

I thought they dropped the ball a bit with the flashbacks to his conditioning/inauguration into the program (the book felt more intense than what played out on screen), but the overall update was pretty spectacular (particularly given how dependent it was on the politics of the late 70's/early 80's, and how much that's changed).

I need to read the books. I keep meaning to pick them up ; after I watch the last movie, I think I will, to get the compare/contrast going on.