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mental health is so overrated

Okay, so The Bourne Identity and movie sequels....

The thing is, I get the Man Builds Things and Gets Lots of Pussy (AKA OH JOHN RINGO NO) attraction. Because I get the same soothing feeling from Man Gets Pissed and Blows Up Lots of Shit (and Then Gets the Girl (or Boy)) (I get an equal charge from Woman Gets Pissed and Blows Up Lots of Shit; I could possibly spontaneously re-Kinsey for a female Jason Bourne.) There's a wonderful, gleeful joy in seeing uberconfidence combined with high power weapons and an intrinsic understanding of bodycounts and an almost Mary Sue quality of "I am your god and my, I am pissed right now, so watch me omnipotently fuck your shit up."

It goes beyond sexy. It is like the Steel Magnolias of revenge. Both are overcoming adversity; one just wants to make sure that everyone who was adverse does not get to overcome anything ever again. Really thoroughly.

I think this explains my early fascination with the Bond movies; I mean, don't get me wrong, I loved them all. And I loved Mission: Impossible movies for the same thing. But Bourne has that gleeful joy of vengeance is mine and you are all very stupid; let me educate you that just takes it to the next level. It's nice to have a protangonist both obsessive-compulsive, a little broken, and deeply, deeply hot. Not to mention competence. God. The competence.

Yes, it does not hurt that Matt Damon is one of like, three actors in teh world who can actually convey a range of deep emotion with an eyebrow twitch. Jesus. I always forget watching these predisposes me to want to write lots and lots of revenge fic.

In short. Guh.

Anyone else?
Tags: the bourne trilogy
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