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remix recs so far

Okay, so my first set of remix recs:

Shed Your Skin Remix by kassrachel - I am totally like this and am reccing it again now that I know who the author is, because a.) I totally guessed when chopchica asked me. I didn't know I *could* identify her style that clearly, but in this case, I couldn't think of anyone else. It was happymaking in extreme. And it's a fantastic remix; to me, this works as a remix *should* and I've never been able to do: take what is needed from the original, and write it anew. It's good.

Acceptable Risk by darsynia, remix of First Monday by flyakate - okay, one, how did I miss this author? As an intro to a new author--wow. This one was just *amazing*. The characterization was spot on, the dialogue was so them I could practically see it on the show, the careful work to show their relationship building and coming together, the pieces of their lives integrating--and people, the dog tags. The author did justice to the original beautifully.

It's What You Hear (The Fives Senses Remix) by argosy, remix of It's What You Don't See by telesilla - okay, to be fair: I am in the middle of a supernatural and vampire phase of reading, so when I hit this one (by accident! I didn't know), I nearly jumped off the bed in delight. The remix was change in character, from Rodney to John--the structure was kept, but the fine difference of what character *is* what shone through. That's some damn fine work considering the built in limitations of writing inside the original story; I loved the story, but was immensely impressed as a remixer how well the remixer worked to keep to the original story and create something new as well. Also--God in heaven this is hot. Hot hot hot.

More later.
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