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remix reveal

Oh. So we can do remix reveal? Cool.

Always Summer, remix of panisdead's Shimmer. My clothes fetish shows through, I think. And thing for the cold. And--okay, sadly, no rain. But the rest, yes.

It was a lot of fun to write--I loved the shimmering silk bedcoat and weakness for indulgent fabrics, velvets and satins and smooth cottons, textures. Just--gah. Pretty. The story was lovely, wiht so much possible backstory to explore.

I thank panisdead for the opportunity. It was marvelous.

general_jinjur and aurora84 both win for stating they thought this one was mine. GOLD STARS!

On the other side, kassrachel did the remix for Shed Your Skin and wow. I'm still floored by it. It's just--wow. Loved. So very much.

And now I can get my list of remix recs out. There were vampires! I am happy glee.
Tags: challenge: remix redux, fic: stargate:atlantis 2008
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