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The Toybox

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oh john ringo, no! the t-shirt
children of dune - leto 1
hradzka is checking on interest in an Oh John Ringo, No charity t-shirt. I'll pull the exact text from the livejournal entry.

It's official. The T-shirt project is now JOHN RINGO ENDORSED, and he's approved the Helen Bamber Foundation as the charity beneficiary for the T-shirt sales. (Yes, they'll probably be horrified, as they complain about Gitmo on their web page, but the Foundation helps a lot of women who've been forced into prostitution -- and I ask you, isn't that exactly what Mike does? ...in his way.) No design entries so far, so I'm going to talk to some fanartists and get something nice drawn up. I'll send the word out when we're ready to go.

Entry on Charity T-Shirt

Awesome shirt for a good cause; what's not to love? I can't wait to see the design.

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I'm excited! I rarely wear t-shirts anymore, but I'll wear this one. How to explain it to my mother, though... :)

Fandom - my kind of insane. *g*

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