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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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one more link of awesome
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, one final link, since it won't show up on metafandom yet:

I Want A Great Big Stick And A Large Can of Whoop-Ass by emrinalexander totally brings it.


"I don't get it," you say, scratching your heads. See, I wish I could feel sorry for you not getting it, but see? Life is inherently unfair and part of that unfairness is that I don't freaking care if you actually understand all the whys and wherefores. Not one damn bit do I care. I don't understand why most men can look like the back of bus, be toothless, and only have one leg, and yet they still think if they hit on the 20 year old blonde girl she's going to maybe give them a go. See? Life is unfair, get over it.

And this is why I love her. A lot.

ETA: (I thought I'd linked this)

Open Source Women Back Each Other Up Project by vito_excalibur

I would like to start the Open Source Women Back Each Other Up Program. Here's my pledge: if I see somebody groping you in public, and you're not moaning Yes! Yes! Yes!, I will break through your Somebody Else's Problem invisibility field and come over and ask if you're okay. If your situation looks dangerous enough I can't help on my own, I will call over friends or, if it's a situation in which I think the cops would be on your side, I will call the cops. If you're being harassed by a guy, you can say so to me, even if you don't know me. I pledge I will distract him so you can get away, or I will tell him that he needs to leave, or whatever I can do to the best of my ability. I pledge that yes, actually, because you are a woman I will give you the benefit of the doubt. If you tell me that a guy just did something shitty to you I will not refuse to look at any evidence and tell you that I know him and he's a great guy and you must have been imagining things. I have great loyalty to my male friends but I will not allow that to blind me to the fact that none of us are saints and even my best friends can screw up and may need to be called on it. I pledge that I will walk you to your car if you don't feel safe walking alone at night, and then you can drive me to mine.

Yes. This. Right here. I'm in. Yes.

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I love that idea.

And I HATE that it is necessary.

Is this man very stoned?

Or just looking to be a troll? Because quite honestly I cannot imagine any man being just that dense. I mean I know from 'Criminal Minds' that teenagers are stupid fucks who should be send to boarding school and ever allowed social time otherwise they become serial killers, but jeezus. Seriously? What little I have heard of this screams 'TROLL'. There really is no other explanation that has any sort of coherence. Notice I did not say logic, cause hey, that's just not a given- even if it should be. This is the internet.

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