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sgarec - OK Computer by cesperanza with added quotes

Re-reading OK Computer by cesperanza and for some reason, every damn time, this part makes me laugh so hard I hurt my stoamch. Consider this a rec.

First one:
"Look, see?" McKay said, gesticulating wildly at the screen. "It's—" and yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, he saw it, and the sly, pink-shirted bastard had faked his own virtual death.

I keep thinking of pseuicide and then lose precious, precious oxygen.

Second one:
Rodney forced McKay away from the keyboard with a full-body, lateral shove, and yes, something new was running in Atlantis, visible despite John's clever but amateurish attempt to conceal himself, which was the equivalent of hiding behind a slowly-moving and not at all realistic shrub on a stick.

And I do not know why, but I get the imagery and just--yeah. Stupid air.

You may now carry on. Or introduce yourself to Passive-Aggressive Notes and give up having a life. Cause that is worse than crack. Worse than crack.
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