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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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it's because it's so late that i think this is the funniest thing ever
brown flower
Okay, so. Sucky two weeks. And here's the thing. I keep staring at Word, and all that comes out is terrifying imaginary conversations between Joan Sheppard and John Sheppard after a strange wormhole incident involving Rodney's fear of Moby Dick. I'm torn, because I can't figure out which of them will finally admit that when Ronon came to Atlantis, that evaluation was their idea of very good porn.

...I can't see as a wholesome conversation. I have this sinking feeling they'd go to bars and drink competitively and talk about how much their fathers suck while the two Rodneys watch in horror and pretend that they're not buying them drinks in hopes they'll accidentally start making out. Preferably while wearing thigh holsters.

Joan will make a lot of bad Moby Dick jokes and John will think they are hilarious. It segues into earnest discussion on the pros and cons of anal and vaginal sex and two appalling hours while they compare and contast the Rodneys' technique. It all ends in hangovers and jumper races and that thing where they wont' talk but make a lot of facial expressions that are a language all their own and Sam might just kill herself sitting through that meeting.

Later, Ronon slips the Rodneys more alcohol for a last ditch effort on the making out in return for footage.

I know, I should sleep. You know. Eventually. Bit punchy today.

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*giggles madly* This would be very much crack and yet I suspect it would work

SGA Fandom has made the insane seem normal... *headdesk*

It took me several minutes to realize it was utterly insane. SGA == destroys lives. Or sense of normality. Or something.

I realized when I watched the first two seasons of SGA all in a stretch that the show's writers apparently proceed directly to the cliche fanfic scenarios -- which in keeping with my own theory of fandom balance would explain why such thoughtful and fascinating fic is produced to complement such a whacked out canon.

Makes me think of this one episode of Red Dwarf.... *g*

I need to watch that show. *thoughtful*

Yes, you do need to write that; yes you do.

oh man, I want to read this SO MUCH.

WRITE IT. You know you want to...



... and I think I'll stop there. Seriously though, fandom would love you forever.

yesss, yesss my precious

you should write this. If you write this I will seek out and make you a beer and cookies icon. And be very happy

favorite beer and type of cookie?

Sorry I passed out on you last night!

It's so true; Nothing is hotter than two Sheppards jumper racing! Especially when there's added lame trash talking ("Your mama is so...oh, wait, she's my mama too").

Oh my god, that would be the best story EVER. I would eat it up like CANDY.

(Also, I think it would be *both* John's *and* Joan's idea of porn. Just sayin'.)

1. Your brain is an awesome place.
2. People *should* fear Moby Dick; they should listen to Rodney - he is a genius.:)
3. *flailing* at hotness of Joan and John in same *Universe* let alone having the conversation above, all with Rodney commentary.
4. Write it, write it, write it *g*... Brains will implode all over the fandom, stuttering back and forth between *hot* and *omgfunny!*
5. I hope you get sleep. Sleep, I have discovered, is generally underrated. Sleep is worth almost anything.

Please write this.

Pretty please?

*offers cookies and tea and soul of second born cat since he's more of a love-bug*

*makes big-anime-eyes at you*

Write it. Yes, write the pretty. You know you want to. It's calling to you. "Write me. Write me. Wriiiiiite meeee..."

And if you really can't cope with it having "actually" happened (albeit in a fictional world, etc etc), you could always have it end up being a nightmare. Rodney's nightmare. Or, for variety, Sam's nightmare.

Wriiiiiite meeee..."

Edited at 2008-04-20 03:39 am (UTC)

Please write this. I would read it and love every single word. John and Joan, jumper races, make out sessions - what could be better? I love how your mind works.

I really, really want to read that. And you will get bonus points if they do make out (for I am pervy just like the Rodneys).

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