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T-ball, second practice yesterday. On Sunday, first one, recognized one of the coaches as a guy I went to school with, two years my senior.

He's married. With three daughters.

What. The. Hell.

I'm telling you, it's the normal things that screw around with my head the most. I can deal with growing up myself, because I'm in complete denial about the fact and like it muchly. But someone who used to SCARE me in high school? Not so much. Grrr. My sister couldn't help but remark on his tan and his ass. I'm thinking, is he going to make fun of my hair?

Yep, that's me, all kinds of piles of strangeness.

In more interesting news, child is definitely a lefty. This despite the fact that he writes with his right hand at school (I suspect he's been trained that direction, since his handwriting is still pretty bad even for his age, while his left hand is still better but he acts confused using it). As an aside, it IS funny--since Child learned to draw, he's tended to use both, changing hands as one of them tires. Practical kid. But he's almost always shown a decided preference for physical activity on the left side--throwing, catching, etc.

Anyway, my sister's fiance, who DOES play baseball, was the first to note that while Child threw with his left hand best, he tended to bat from either side, but backwards--using a leftie position on the right side, and a rightie on the left. Sort of. SisterFiance thinks that part of that is observation--everyone he knows and has met and played with is right handed, so he's trying to model. It's cute. I understand this could slow him down should he pursue a professional career, but well. Cute.

Teeth hurt. Want dentist. Seriously overworked, as one of us is on vacation and another is in training. Scary numbers of people with smart questions, but several with really, really, really stupid ones. Want my mommy and a pony. Would settle for someone who loves me to write me porn.

The Yard is progressing. Unlike before, I'm plotting first because my margin of error is very, very small, and well. I'm not good at plot. It's not my natural forte. Romance, sex, love, death, that sort of thing, yay! But worldbuilding? Huh. Anyway, my apologies for being weird. I'll direct you to cool people who are not weird and who are brilliant to entertain you.

box_of_serial by Livia, where lives Altville, updated regularly. Oh yummy.

rageprufrock with numerous WiP's she updates nicely.

selling_out where Jessica and co are creating a fabulous universe.

I want a pony now.

Another State of Jenn in Fandom--this is basically how I keep progress on current activities.

Current SV story tally: 57

Current NC-17 SV story tally: 32

WiPs: I did this a few weeks ago, but things change rapidly in jennland.


This, Too - cowrite with Pru. Dearest God. You should see this thing grow.

Arkham!Fic -- cowrite with Devin, and God, you should see us angst. So. Much. Fun.

Rainfic -- cowrite with Pru. Yeah. Pattern here.

The Yard -- kicking my ass in a good way.

ClarkLexBrothersFic -- the cuteness and distrubingness never end.

Where No One Else Can Follow -- Young!Lex. Getting laid. He thinks. It's still up in the air. Wrote originally for Jessica's selling_out universe, but it got out of timeline, though Jess thinks it could be AU. Ethan hangs out here.

Threaded Through It All -- the one I have no idea what to do with but I can't leave alone.

There are four more, but they are in various stages of being weird. Then there are the inactives that I pretend I don't want to look at, but I do.

Anyway, as I don't have The Yard tonight, since I want to finish this particular curve and make sure it works before I start posting again....

The time chronology so far.

L'il Clark and Lex


Jonathan and Nell in Metropolis

and then....

More L'il Clark and Lex

On the Evening When Dad Wasn't Home

Lex ducks just in time to enjoy the sight of Clark sailing over him with a completely shocked expression. The small body collides with the bed, but Lex only grins as he straightens, extending hand to help the boy to his feet. Tiny dark red pajamas with dinosaurs tonight. Lex expects to be lectured on archeology at any moment. Clark's been ordering so many books that Dad's been contemplating just turning one of the spare rooms upstairs into a second library.

"Good try."

Clark frowns, rubbing his head, though Lex knows it doesn't hurt. He fakes very well. "How'd you know I was coming?"

Lex snickers as he straightens his sweats. "Because I've lived with you since you first started doing that. Come on. Dad's gone and Martha's working on a case. Kitchen is open."

Clark lights up, and small, hard fingers curl around Lex's as they check the hall for possible servant interruptions. The help is nice, but they *enforce* the stay-in-bed after ten thing. Clark's fast, but also clumsy sometimes, so Lex doesn’t trust him to just superspeed them downstairs.

From their parents' bedroom, Lex can hear Martha talking into a recorder, outlining some case that's been bothering her. Simatec again, he thinks. She can hear them *breathe*, though, and Lex catches himself holding his breath as they pass. Glancing down, he sees Clark doing the same thing, eyes wide and worried, fixed on Lex.

Once they're at the stairs, it's all good.

The kitchen's dark, but that's not a problem. Lex can walk blind here and Clark's night vision is even better than Lex's. Picking him up, Lex deposits the ten year old on the counter across from the refrigerator to keep him out of trouble and starts a methodical search of the cabinets. The new cook's sneaky and hides the cookies.

"Are you going away to school again?"

Right, the hard questions. Sighing, Lex turns around.

"Maybe. Martha and Dad are talking about it." Opening the refrigerator, Lex winces at the brightness, taking a moment to adjust before getting out a bottle of water, then the milk from the top shelf. The gallon container's placed in Clark's hands, and Lex lets the door shut, leaning into the cool metal. "Martha says no, Dad says yes."

"Mom will win."

"We can both hope." Excelsior sucked, and it was actually better than any other boarding school he's attended. Twisting off the lid of the water, Lex takes a drink, watching Clark swallow half the milk without taking a breath. "I think she'll win, too. I'm just wondering what she'll compromise on."

Clark tilts his head, and Lex wonders if it'll ever *not* be cute to see Clark's lip adorned with a thick milk mustache. "I heard them talking." Turning back around, Lex checks the next two cabinets, finally finding the cookies hidden behind the wheat germ. Typical. The new cook's obviously an amateur. For some reason, they all start off hiding the good stuff with the healthy stuff.

Opening the bag, Lex takes one and extends the bag far enough for Clark to reach. "What did you hear, big ears?"

Clark's eyes narrow. "My ears aren't big." Emptying the carton, Clark takes a cookie, chewing happily. "More milk?"

"No. I'll get you some water. I think a gallon a night is enough." The bottle's tucked under one arm and Lex gets a second out of the refrigerator before extending his free hand. "Come on, let's go before someone catches us.

Clark extends both arms peremptorily. "Down."

"You can jump down yourself." Grinning, Lex gives Clark the cookies, turning around. "Piggy back ride?"

"Yes!" Slim little arms circle his neck trustingly--Dad got him some of the best people in the world to work with him, and Clark's control's like second nature. Holding Clark up with one hand, Lex crosses slowly to the door. "What I wouldn't do for you to have x-ray vision. Now tell me what you heard."

"Dad wants to open a research facility in Smallville," Clark confides, chin resting on the arm over Lex's shoulder. "Mom said no."

"She hates Smallville." Lex has been listening at doors since Martha first came and he has a pretty good idea by now why. Also, other hints that he's never telling Clark, ever, but boy, does that explain his claustrophobia. "She won't go for it."

"She says you need to be home with your family, since being at school isn't doing anything but making you unhappy," Clark mumbles through a mouthful of cookies. Lex winces at the scrape of crumbs across the back of his neck. "I think she's just making sure that Dad doesn’t try to outmaneuver her. Besides, I saw brochures for Bringhams in their room."

Now that's interesting. "You're a smart boy. Good job." Clark's good at being unseen and seeing things he shouldn't. Very useful during parties and dinners. People say that the Luthors are so family-oriented they can't stand to keep their kids away. Lex laughs about that a lot.

"Besides," Clark continues blithely, "we miss you. Mom says it's not a good idea for you to be away from home, since you act out to make them expel you." Clark pauses. "I really hate it when you're gone." Lex hears the loneliness under the words and privately agrees. Clark's still stuck with tutors at home until he starts junior high and Martha and Lionel are very careful who they allow over for Clark to interact with. Mostly the servants' kids, which would be fine, except most of *them* are scared to death of Dad.

"Trust me, I don't like it either." Checking out the doorway, Lex slips into the foyer, the stairs dead ahead. "Don't worry about it. I can keep it up until I get kicked out of every school Dad can pay off. He'll have to give in eventually." Theoretically, anyway, but Lex has time and endless amounts of creativity on his side. Not to mention motivation. Lots and lots of motivation.

"Up late, boys?"

Busted. Oh--oh *fuck*.

His stepmother is waiting on the third to bottom step, leaning into the banister. It's too dark to see if she's smiling, but the fact she's simply waiting tells him that at very least, this isn't going to be a situation where Dad is going to be informed. A few thousand excuses chase themselves through Lex's head, but then he remembers he's got Clark and sighs. "We were thirsty."

"Uh huh." She crosses to them, robe swishing softly, and plucks the bag of cookies from Clark's hands. "I see that."

Man, he's going to be grounded *forever*, and he's still under restriction for the stuff he did at Excelsior.

"Mommmm…." Clark whines with his best charm. It's the Luthor in him that makes him sound that cute and still stay creatively manipulative. "It's Saturday. It's--"

"After ten." Handing back the cookies, Martha shakes her head, red hair falling forward, hand resting lightly on the edge of Lex's shoulder. "Take them and don't ever tell your father. Hurry along. I have a lot to do before Monday morning."

"Is the case going well?" Lex asks. She slows her pace so he can keep up easily, and God, Clark's getting big. Clark will be giving him piggy back rides soon, and the image makes him snicker.

"Pretty good. I'm going to win, if that's what you're asking" A gentle caress to the side of his head, and Lex lets himself lean into it. It's still--really cool. Mom had loved Martha so much and had made Lex promise to be good to her. Not exactly hard, but there'd been the nagging worry that she'd leave, like the other nurses, even if she did have a deal with Dad. Then Dad had married her. Lex supposes that should have surprised him more than it had, but even at that age, he'd known a good tactical move when it was in progress in front of him. He just sometimes wonders who thinks they got the better deal. "Since you're--rather at loose ends at the moment, do you want to come to court with me and watch? It's corporate, so your father's already approved. I'll give you my notes tomorrow and you can read over the case to see if it will interest you."

"Wow. Sure." That means leaving the house, something Lex hasn't been able to do in almost two weeks. As they ascend the steps, Lex considers his next question carefully. "Am I being sent back to Excelsior?"

"Nope." She sounds smug, and Lex glances up to see her smile. "Bringhams. Which I'm sure Clark told you already. So you'll be staying at home, since the driver can take you to and from easily enough."

"See?" Clark's voice is pure crumbs and Lex sighs, knowing he'll be shaking out his shirt before he can go to bed. "Told you."


Martha pauses at the top of the steps, then sighs, glancing down the hall. "Let's get you both in bed first and then we'll talk, okay? Come here, Clark, time to get some shut-eye, honey."

"Stay." The sudden tightening of the little arms remind Lex that his brother can bench press Dad's car without breaking a sweat. Martha frowns a little, looking between them.

"I don't care," Lex says, trying to shrug, not exactly easy with the death grip around his throat. Clark still hates to sleep alone, crawling into bed with Martha and Dad, his nanny, or Lex, whoever's handiest. Most recently Lex, since Lionel has 'issues' regarding children sleeping with their parents and his nanny's been on vacation for the last month. Lex's mind has long marked it up to Whatever Happened in Smallville. He's had questions on the tip of his tongue for years, but they tend to stay there. Not yet. Later, when he can ask the right ones. Or when he already has more answers. Martha still doesn't talk about it.

"All right." She leads the way to his room, and Lex deposits Clark on the blankets and takes the cookies away, taking one himself before stashing the bag and the bottles of water in the bedside table. Clark makes a sleepy noise and leans against him, sliding inevitably downward until the dark head's resting on his leg. Clark sleeps like it's a religious experience that he never wants to stop having.

Pulling the desk chair beside the bed, Martha gives him a long, thoughtful look. "I want you here, Lex. Especially since--" Martha stops, flushing a little, then meets his eyes. "I know how much you miss your mother still. I don't want you to feel alienated from us. From your father, from--me, from Clark."

"I don't." Taking a bite, Lex watches Martha watch him, seeing the lines of worry criss-crossing her forehead. "I--"

"I know, and you've always made me and Clark feel very welcome." Reaching out, she brushes stray crumbs from his pajama top. It reminds him achingly of Mom. "Like family."

Lex blinks. "You are family."

Her smile always warms him, bright and sweet and brilliant. Getting up, she sits down on the bed beside him, arm circling his shoulders gently. "Lex, nothing, *nothing* is more important to me than my family. You and Clark--and your father, of course. You and Clark are friends right now, and I want it to stay that way, no matter what your father seems to think would be--motivating." Her mouth twitches, like it always does when Dad goes into lecture mode. Like she'd laugh if etiquette allowed it. A gentle hand strokes over his head, and he can feel the lightest trace of her manicured fingernails. "Besides, I miss you too much when you're gone, and so does Clark." Standing up, she shakes her head, checking the fall of her robe. "Now, both of you, bed. After church, we have a luncheon at the Stanleys' and there's a man there that your father needs Clark to check on. Future business partner. So you'll get out of the house for a few hours."

"Really?" Standing up, Lex pulls the covers back as Martha picks up Clark, cuddling him close and kissing his temple before settling him down on the pillow, pulling the blankets gently from under him as Lex shifts to give her space. "Who?"

"Sir Harry Hardwick."

"The one with the daughter with the big--" Oh yeah, Lex remembers her. Belatedly, he also remembers he's not talking with his friends.

Martha snickers. "That one. God, Lex, what am I going to do with you?" Her smile widens a trace, eyebrows raised. "A successful rebellion is more than being outrageous--it's also knowing when to apply the brakes. You won this time." Her gaze grows serious, focusing on him carefully, measuring her words. "Your father doesn't know how to handle you, Alexander. I do." The fine eyebrows arch, and Lex grins back, unrepentant. He gets the point, though.

"I'll be good."

"Now that you have what you want? I don't doubt it." She leans down and brushes a kiss against his forehead. "Get your brother dressed in the morning. His nanny is on vacation until next week and your father panics if we're late. Night." He's never telling her, or anyone (especially Dad), but this is one of his favorite things. Almost as good as the little boy curling up just close enough that Lex can feel warm air every time Clark breathes. A small hand locks itself on his shirt, dark hair brushing his arm as Clark settles into a quiet sleep, and Lex shuts his eyes to savor the feeling. "Love you both."
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