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Yes. This. Now.

[On politics.] Ranty rambling ahead, 8000 words of it by svmadelyn - on Hillary Clinton, voting, and everything I haven't had the words to say since primary season began.

I don't have the words now. But I have this:

The first time I saw a woman stand for one of the two highest offices in the land in the two parties that control our country was also the last. I've waited two decades to see it again.

It's funny to read the coverage, the silly women who vote for Hillary because she's a woman; men don't vote for men because they're men. Cut this quote enough and you'll hear what so many people want to believe: I'm voting for Hillary because she's a woman.

Bullshit. Robin Morgan said it first and said it best. I'll steal her words since my own will never be enough: "Me, I’m voting for Hillary not because she’s a woman—but because I am."

I'm tired of waiting. She's a politician and a mother, a senator and the wife of a man who was president. She's ambitious and sometimes ruthless, imperfect and brilliant, and I placed on her the sum of two decades of hope when I realized she would run, when I realized she could win, when asked myself what I wanted.

I want a president who's not afraid. She's not. Maybe she can teach me that.
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