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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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(no subject)
children of dune - leto 1
I have never wanted anything more in my life.

...it says Exterminate!


(work is going to kill me. death by dalek seems far more fun.)

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I want one of those so much. Someday, I will force myself to part with the money and buy one. Someday. >.>

Do we really need food? *hopeful* I've heard good things about fasting.

*stares at Dalek longingly*

... We could call it a diet program? XD

I have one. It's one of the best gifts I've ever received. Sometimes, when life is frustrating, I just take a break to make it zip around the floor shooting at things.


man, the temptation to reach for my wallet was overwhelming! I also have to think my brother would like that - maybe I should buy it for his next gifting occasion, then make him let me play with it too

*grins* My dog would be so terrified of that thing. I'm also fond of the TARDIS USB hub. Then there's the Exterminate t-shirt. And the sonic screwdriver...

TARDIS USB hub.... Gah.... Me want. Maybe if I go to sleep I'll forget about it. Or, just delay the impulse buy by 8 or so hours.

Hee! My roomie has a couple of these little guys, they're uber cute. I think they're currently holding another of her robot action figures at plungerpoint.

WANT. WANT SO HARD. It would probably traumatize the cat though. which then reminds me of this.

I've got one of these. It's loads of fun, especially when you're feeling stressed. Also, it totally freaked out the cats the day it first turned up. *g*

Delurking to say-

My brother has one - it's brilliant, we've
spent far too much playing with it.

He has a sonic screwdriver as well, it's great having another fan in the family. :-)

Apparently those are even more fun for tormenting cats with than a Roomba. I should get one -- that's nice and cheap, actually, as those things go. (Especially since up to this point I was seeing them in UK prices, with that wicked exchange rate...)

Do Roombas really work? I am contemplating one, due to dust bunnies scaring me lately.

They work great for making the cats do a James Brown impression. For actual cleaning, I don't know.

(Deleted comment)
No clue whatsoever -- I have neither Roomba nor RC Dalek, nor do my skills lie in tweaking home electronics.

Of course it says "Ex-ter-min-ate". It's a dalek.

(the high point of CT last year was watching Nick Briggs try to operate one of them int eh Dealer's Room. While doing the voice. And swearing. It made me want to squish him with hugs)

I, OTOH, want Sarah Jane's lippy. Very very much please.

And an Ood made of string.

OH OH OH and a squishy Adipose.

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