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To say I wait for this fic on tenterhooks would be an understatement.

Qui Habitat: Art is Long by miss_porcupine - set before Qui Habitat somewhat, in continuity with the rest. It's not necessary to have read it beforehand, but this is a fantastic AU and when you finish this one, you should read the rest.

Okay, so there is the actual summary: Life is short, art is long, opportunity fleeting, experimenting dangerous, reasoning difficult. -- Hippocrates

And there is a commenter with what I'd summarize with: A reminder that you can't know whether a person will break or not before they're tested.

Yes. That. Right there.

Five Dangerous Things by ltlj - gorgeous five very dangerous planets and the team that ran swiftly from them. Including this:

John had to admit that in hindsight, screening the original Wormhole Extreme for the whole expedition and filming their comments and reactions, then sending it to the SGC labeled "documentary video" did make it seem like they had asked for this. "Probably."

He is lucky there isn't a price on his head. *glee* Oh John.

I am absolutely sure there is something else here, but I have four new colors of post it notes (whee Costco sales!), eight colored pens, eight colored flags, and really. New office supplies. Happy.
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