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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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because its fascinating to think about
another frog
Life, Work, and Everything
I feel deeply moody today. Not quite emo--more popcorn and hot chocolate in bed while reading Dan Savage and old fandom wank wanks while I mull the universe. I never consider this particularly healthy--any period of time burning through snark comms en masse feels like the mental equivalent of eating a lot, lot, lot of sugar. I always come out of it faintly cynical and oversensitized to stupidity.

Argh. I can't even write. My head's filled with functions and cout statements and pointers and I gave myself a headache reworking one of my own programs into All Classes, All the Time.

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I think the problem is, I'm unhappy, but I'm not sure why. I mean, not in a life-sucks sense, but in a dopamine deprivation sense. And a tired sense. And a frustration sense. And a non-writing sense. I can't--settle on a single thought. Even knowing this happens pretty regularly--like the ADD version of writer's block, but instead of nothing being there, it's like a bottleneck of too much so nothing comes through--it's irritating.

So instead. Something else.

Here, In this Place
dalaire asks here:

Why in the world does someone wander onto a fanfic site on a rec and click into the last chapter of the fanfic first? Do they expect to understand more about the entire plot by getting clued in on the ending? In an A/U? o_0

My answer below the cut from her lj, expanded.

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So I'm curious now--anyone else jump to the end of a fic? When and why?

ETA: Also, naps. I need to nap less. Naps do not help. They just make me melancholy.

I don't read anything unless I go to the ending and check it out first, summaries are very very nice, warnings are great and much appreciated...and...I still go straight to the last bit and check it first, because I really, really hate surprises. Also, if the ending sucks muchly, I can save time and skip the rest of the story.

I totally do it with books!
I tend to read everything 3 times: once for the plot, once for the storytelling, and then a later time for the love. Since the first time is for the plot, I tend to get impatient and skip to the end to make sure that stuff happens in a way that I'm not going to feel betrayed by!

For a fic I tend to do that if the author is one that frequently throws in brutal angst, as I need warning for that. And if there is any scene with humiliation in it, I always skip to the end to make sure that things are going to end happily, otherwise I don't want to read it.

I guess it sums up to that I read endings if I don't trust the author!
I mean, sometimes the authors are worth reading even if you don't like the ending, but warning is always a good thing? I'm a wuss. : S

nope, i can deal with anything. neither do i need warnings, nor do i need to know the end.

i survived all your somewhere verse snippets, my imagination is not good enough to think, there could be anything more cruel ;D

I do it very occasionally - pretty much only when I get the feeling from the summary or author's note that it may go darker than I like and end with death or people forever sundered that I would much prefer to be happily knocking boots for the rest of their lives.

The only time I jump to the ending is when the latest installment of a WIP I've been following was just posted, and I want to refresh my memory on the last chapter or two before reading the new one. (Or for that matter with an actual published book, when it's been a while since I read the preceding one and don't want to read the whole thing over again before cracking the new one but do at least want to check how the ending wound up.) Genuine first-time readings, I don't -- I'm not the kind to read the last chapter of the mystery first or whatever.

Well, except for a few bits where the author was leaving the reader in suspense and I just had to jump a few paragraphs or pages down to verify whether this character was really killed or not before I can stand to read properly.

I'll skip ahead:

1) If I decide life's too short to finish the whole story.

2. To make sure it's not a WIP.

3. If I'm not familiar with the writer, I'll scan the story first to look for stuff which might annoy the crap out of me - like Jack O'Neill calling Daniel "babe" or cutesy infirmary scenes with Carson acting all masterful and stuff. Or if the story's got 78 chapters or something, I'll take a peek at the end to see if it's worth even starting it.

Nothing really new to add to the other responses, just thought I would add my two cents.

1. I can't stand spending time reading a great story only to have it left unfinished. It happened way too often when I started reading fanfic a few months ago. So now I check to make sure I am not wasting my time - there is too much to read out there without spending time on something that will never be finished.

2. I want a good ending for my couple of choice, so sometimes I check the ending for that reason.

I'm a re-read jumper, too - if I just really want the happy ending, and I've read the fic before, and I just want the happy fix, I'll read the bit that makes me happy, which is often (though not always) the end.

With fics I've never read before, though, I skip to the end if I'm getting...well, bored. I used to have this personal rule that I would finish everything I ever started reading, but then my reading list got really, really long, and I came to the conclusion that life's too short, blah blah, to read boring anything. But I still have this holdover from that 'read it all the way through' philosophy, so that even if I wasn't enjoying a fic at all, I'll still be obsessed by whatever made me read it in the first place (a summary, or a rec, or etc), and it will bug me - I have to know what happens. So I browse for awhile, hoping to get back into the fic, and if I don't get back into it I skip to the end.

And then I can sleep.

I mean... I totally WILL read a wip

all I'm asking for is a little warning. Otherwise, I just don't care; make me laugh, cry, angst, what evah; and I don't even need warnings or summations or what have you. I'm game! (although, I have regretted that a time or two).

hi!*nods appraisingly at your question*hmmm...I'm relatively new to LJ but I've already had several unpleasant fic experiences where a LOT OF THINGS IN THE FIC WERE NOT IN THE warnings, so I actually skip to last chapter most of the time....also because when(somebody already mentioned it here earlier)an author writes "finished" as the status of her/his stories,that is often not the case-ok,it's your fic/creation/fruit of your looms but still-don't burn the reader-maybe we wouldn't read it if we knew that it didn't have a proper ending, ya know?on the brighter side, the best part is OFTEN in the very last part *g* especially if they're harlequin fics(aka my guilty pleasure readings*blushes*)

So I'm curious now--anyone else jump to the end of a fic? When and why?

To see if it's finished. I don't mind reading works in progress, but I like to know before I start reading.