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Following Standard Lemming Procedure and doing the Meme. Because, a.) I have the day off and b.) arkham just kicked my ass (Dev, Clark's a hugely insane brat, you know and c.) I really don't have anything to do.

So hmm.


Writer you most wish wrote your genre or OTP

cesperanza, Mustang Sally, Darkstar, Bishclone.

taraljc with doubles -- because I would love to see her try Clark/Lex. I think she'd do some seriously unusual things with the characterizations than most of us do.

There's like, entire FANDOMS of people I'd like to transplant over. But one I know never will until I re-enter het is Dangermom, because I love how she characterizes. Dammit. Depressing.

There SHOULD be a question on who you'd drag back to your fandom despite the fact they got away and MAKE them stay--that would be Te, Merry, Julad, Mako, Lori, shallot (oh damn, would I pay for this one), Maude M, elynross, Kassie and Lar, Maygra, Kellie Matthews, Brancher....

I'd probably bliss out and never be seen again. But mmm. Worth it.

*looks to wish-list* Anyone want to give me these for Christmas? *hopeful*

Writer you did a dance of joy when you got feedback from

Te. Like, literally on this one. Basingstoke. Merry. Livia. Julad. *thinks* Diebin and Donna in X-Men movieverse. Everyone in Voyager.

Writer you would read pretty much anything they wrote

Te, Bethy, Jane St. Clair, RivkaT

Writer you admire from afar/would love to get feedback from

Jane St. Clair. You mean like a wishlist? *flushes* Trust me, my list is neurotic in the extreme.

Writer(s) who have most influenced your style in some way

Wow, that one's a no-brainer. Te-dominant. Bishclone for my early X-Men work and some of my later SV. Bethy and Victoria. Most recently Pru and Koimistress.

Writer you most want to meet and chat fic with

All of them. This isn't a short list.

Writer you most want to meet and chat smut with

Anyone who writes NC-17 that I've liked. It's a very long list. I mean, really long.

And finally, along the "bulletproof kink" (TM Te) lines, story that still turns you on no matter how many times you read it

Past Grief and Incarnadine. Have never been able to burn those out. Don't WANT to. For humor, Beth's Babyverse series, because it's just so damn good.


*looks at list* Huh.


Koi decides I need to be organized

Talked last night. Asked me questions. Uncomfortable questions. Tell me about this AU, jenn! What's the backstory?

Jenn: I don't know.

Koi: When did they conquer? What's Kal like? What are the Kryptonians like? How do Other!Lex and Kal know each other? Do they know each other?

Jenn: ....

Koi: *pokes* Tell me about Metropolis!

Jenn: You want me to build an entire AU world in chat, don't you?

Koi: That's a really good idea. Go right ahead.

Sort of like that, but there was more speculation on what I wanted to do as opposed to what would actually work. There was suggestions and backstory, so you know? I may not be able to move forward in plot, but damned if I don't have VERY weird backstory going on. I actually opened the chat this morning to read it and thought, wow. This is--really complex. Strangely fun. Requires flashbacks, if I can keep up the energy to write all of this.

It's intersting.

I was thinking of why The Yard stopped so abruptly on me and now is moving along--like a sloth on downers, but still. Moving, anyway. Which is partially, yes, ego of posting a WiP and getting comments, yes, I know, I'm weak and dependant on affirmation from my peers and possibly an attention whore, blah blah blah, I'm a fanfic writer. I wouldn't post anything if I didn't enjoy feedback so much. Whatever.

So. The other thing that occurred to me is that doing it in sections makes it a hell of a lot less scary to write. I can tell myself, all I REALLLY have to do is get through This Scene and close it off! Voila, magically, my fingers start moving again instead of freezing in shock at the idea of A HUNDRED SOMETHING PAGES TO GO, or something like that. All I have to worry about is THIS plot point, not the Overall Picture yet, or THAT major scene. I just--bump alone in tiny sections. Less pressure and it feels like less in the way of actual plotting, though intellectually, it requires somewhat more.

This is probably something that's obvious to everyone but me, but it was nice to sit down and go, okay, now must get just to point c, not necessarily point j today. Relax.

I did a rough kind of outline in my head on how this will go. I think this will be split up into four separate parts, the entire story, so I can focus better and it won't feel quite so--well, long. I know it's going to BE long if I can finish it, and I know I'm going to have to slog my way through so damn much backstory and worldbuilding it just scares me. But on the other hand, it can't hurt my disclipline either. So okay. Just breathe.


Transom by MHC. You'll need several readings, but--wow. Beautiful. Just. And hurty. That too. No spoilers. I'm not sure I'd know how to spoil it even if I wanted to, though.

Where You Are by Caro and Shellah. Oh wow. Just LOVELY. *sighs* Just the right amount of sweetness and newness and bittersweet. I loved every second. *hugs both*

Laid Bare by Bethy. Hot. *grins* Very, very, very hot. *loves Bethy*

Anger Management by Lenore. Oh GOD. Thank you Silverkyst for reminding me. This is SO good. And so funny. And yeah. I think so, considering the pictures. *grins* Hee. And very hot, did I get around to saying that? Oh yes.

Drugs of Choice by carlanesses. Drabbles and an intersting plotline to go with them. Very nice to read. More now, chica. *pokes*

Leaning by ingrid. I liked Clark so much in this. Very lovely view of him. Hmm. It's quiet, and sweet, and very gentle, and well, made my day brighter, somehow.

The Restraint of Beasts by penelope z. She knows how to make it hurt, doesn't she? Poor Clark. Poor, poor Clark.

Tertium Quid by RivkaT. You must read it. It's Lana, with all her weaknesses used as strengths and wow. That was disturbing as hell. It's Lex and Lana and Lana and Clark and all of them and none of them. You should read RIGHT NOW.

And now shall find something else to procrastinate with. Maybe make paperdolls. Hmm.
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