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it is not like reading latin. i think i could understand latin.

The thing is, svmadelyn knew, and still she pasted it.

After 38 Years, Israeli Solves Math Code, which is one of those things that is basically, for both of us, like really really expensively out of reach chocolate. Because we can stare at it for a while and think, wow, that's so cool and then now in human speech?

Because, quote:

"Say you've lost an e-mail and you want to get it back — it would be guaranteed," he said. "Let's say you are lost in a town you have never been in before and you have to get to a friend's house and there are no street signs — the directions will work no matter what."

We both stared at it and didn't speak for a few minutes, then simultaneously pasted what we'd been secretly googling.

The Road Coloring Problem by A. N. Trahtman
Note: Lots of words that do not mean what you thought they meant. Ask me how i ended up printing the explanation of a finite machine. I don't know. I just know I am afraid.)

The Road Coloring Problem on Wikipedia.
Note: There's a picture!

There was another length of silence.

madelyn: huh?
madelyn: ...I'm writing this out on a clipboard
madelyn: I don't get any of it.
madelyn: ...yet.

And that's when I admitted I had my colored pens and notebook out, trying to draw it so I could find the pattern from every one of the eight points. And looking for toothpicks to see if I could build it in three dimensions. (I didn't have tape or I would have just used pens. As I was in that insane place.)

seperis: Hmm.
seperis: I wonder if it's a variation of the always left thing.
seperis: You know, if you forever go left, you end up in a circle.
seperis: So if I wonder if it works three dimensionally.
madelyn: wouldn't it have to?
seperis: Yes, but I was thinking of time being a factor.
seperis: I mean, going to John's house by way of Istanbul.
seperis: Works, but hmm.

It got quiet again.

seperis: I can see vaguely how this would apply to data streams.
madelyn: This needs to percolate.
madelyn: For a year.
madelyn: Or two.
madelyn: Probably two.
seperis: ...why are we reading this?
seperis: *blank horror*
seperis: when--when did this become our lives?

Leading to:

seperis: The thing is.
seperis: How do you set directions--hmm.
seperis: I need a map.
seperis: Actually.
seperis: If you orient the world to yourself in grid form.
seperis: That would actually work.
seperis: Ooooh.
seperis: Okay, thought.
seperis: Using latitude/longitude!
seperis: Maybe.
seperis: No, you need the vertrices.
svmadelyn: Do I need to hit you with a carp?

And ended inevitably with:

madelyn: ...John would.
madelyn: Rodney: He's SIXTY.
madelyn: John: *tacks his picture up*
seperis: Rodney would come in, see John with colored pens and this article, and orgasm on the spot.
madelyn: Rodney: *buries face*
madelyn: John: If you solved a 30 year old problem, maybe your picture would go up too.
madelyn: Rodney: I don't have time anymore!
madelyn: John: *folds arms*
madelyn: Two weeks later, Rodney comes in, bleary eyed with circles:
seperis: *glee*
madelyn: John: Well. Letsee here. *stretches on bed*

And tonight:

eperis: I was thinking
madelyn: indeed?
seperis: Each vertice during reduction is shrunk.
madelyn: *finds blocking thing*
seperis: SORRY!

I don't remember Smallville making me do homework. Besides the one on nuclear detonation and the speed of jets flying to the Fortress.
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