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torchwood 2.11

Glee and some vague annoyances.

ETA: I'm very pro-Gwen in general. I feel I should warn for this.

God I love this show, and it reminds me why I love Gwen so much. I never meta this show, as it is my romp and by God, I refuse to think deeper than pretty.

But I hit glee (missing people!) and frustration at the same time. Hard.

Torchwood Boys, an Open Letter:

Rhys - I don't even know how to deal with you in this episode. Leave your work problems at work? Are you kidding? I get your frustration, and you started off fantastically and brought home a lot of issues I really think need to be dealt with and then, instead of stopping--really, should have stopped--leave your work problems at work? Please, Rhys, tell us more about how relationships work? I thought they were partnerships! I thought the whole thing with keeping the memories was to share her work. I thought a marriage was sharing a life.

Why Rhys? Why did you go there? Why? Stop one sentence earlier.

*thoughtful* At first, I blamed a lot of their problems on Gwen and her work and her feelings for Jack, but the more I watch Rhys, the less sure I am that's the case. I need to think about this more, because I was startled how much I disliked him here and I need to go back and rewatch and reapportion again.

Jack - I know this is hard and will shorten the plot, but try this. I bet anything that an explanation and tour? Could have done the trick. Yes, life is hard that way. There are secrets you are perfectly entitled to keep and there are a lot of them. This wasn't one of them. There was literally no reason not to tell her. I mean, I cannot think of a single good reason. I can't even think of a bad reason other than pure habit.

Also, stop being an ass. Yes, I know, it's shocking when someone doesn't instantly obey. You know, with people vanishing and your less than any kind of explanation and mysteriously showing up when it happens and all. I can totally see why it would shock you anyone would wonder!

Ianto - You're perfect. That is all.

Writers - do the words "amnesia pills" mean anything to you? As you trot those out, why in the name of God you didn't give some to Gwen for the mother is unreal.


I think this one hit close, what with Child and etcetera.

That was amazing and terrifying without even like, anything terrifying happening. Tosh and Gwen working together was fantastic. Gwen's focus was fantastic. The slow realization of how many people was fantastic. It was beautifully done, from the meeting to the Room of Missingness.

I liked the fact after Jack shut down Gwen's investigation, Ianto didn't like it. Mostly because Ianto's so quiet, it's so easy to assume he goes along with Jack, when actually, he really doesn't. He just, you know, rebels differently. Gwen yells the house down; Ianto is stealth-ninja rebel. He'd be a very good rebel spy. Like, a freaking amazing rebel spy actually.

Really. Make him spy on something now. He'd be like, tea? And stealing secrets. In front of people. It's awesome.

I love that people are being taken by the Rift, because yes, that's logical. And they come back not quite right. Also excellent.

I have to agree with Gwen though--I'd want to know. That's my kid. A year, ten years, twenty years, it stops being hope and starts being obsession and--I don't think that heals. There has to be a point where you move on. That the woman took out her anger on Gwen? Understandable. But I don't think the episode was right in this one; sometimes ignorance is bliss, yes. But in this, with a child, a husband, a wife, family, close friends--knowing can be good.

And if it is not this is Torchwood. Amnesia pills! Argh. That annoyed me unduly.

Things I Wish For:

1.) At minute three in the twenty hour scream, give the guy a sedative. Seriously. I'm also vaguely surprised that the nurse didn't bring that up before. You know, when Gwen was around the first time, or when they called to say they were bringing his mother.
2.) Amnesia pills. No, really. Why on earth not? If it's just for the joy of Gwen guilt, wow. That's just annoying. There are so many ways to make it genuine. You do not have to abandon a logical plot point to do it. Really.

I need a Gwen icon. *thoughtful*
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