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sup speaks at lj_2008

lj_2008 has posted an apology and some future possibilities for Livejournal here. I'm--

Hmm. I'm cynical, I admit it. I'm lazy; I admit that too. I'm really, really lazy. But more than those two things, I'm situationally cynical; this is why it is really creepily easy to have a semi-flamewar with me and a week later I will like, talk about your awesome because you posted a picture of John in boxers New. Best. Friend. I like low-stress and prefer not to worry until forced into the situation. I also have no memory to speak of--that is why sometimes entries have weird details sometimes. It's how I keep a context memory.

I think I want to go with believing this for now. On emrinalexander's lj, I was mulling critical mass--ie, how many flisters would make my nation for me to follow before I'd go. I think it's that and this; my accounts have always, always been gifts from others. From the first invite code from girlinthetrilby to my first paid account to the ones after to my permanent--it was a gift, for whatever reason, from friends in my community. While they're here, it feels like a slap to go away without a reason I can tell them without being ungrateful for this gift.

(Er, this is not in any way to dictate other people's actions; I mean, I'm a freak about this after all the problems with fans and laptopgate and I'm--I admit it, utterly and completely sensitive on this issue for myself. I spend a certain amount each month period buying lj stuff for other people because I want to balance what was given to me by others. And because it's fandom and I want to support my people. OTW, same deal when that starts up. Me = very strange set of ethics on this one, completely reactionary to things that show up in fandom.)

So. I think watching and waiting is a sensible idea. There is stuff on there that makes me wary, but with the advertising, as long as it stays out of the venue of the paid, and I mean, completely out of the venue of the paid, I'm cool with that.

But this bit.

* Revenue sharing - Should users be rewarded for their content and contributions?
* Advertising – What are the best ways of integrating commercial opportunities (for both users and brands) into LiveJournal?
* Subscriptions – Should moderators be able to charge for access to closed communities?

A. If by revenue sharing, they mean, giving access to invite codes/equivalent for basic or paid accounts? I wouldn't actually be opposed. I don't feel comfortable at all with the money side, but blogging for extra icons or gifts of paid accounts doesn't hit my uncomfortable place. I don't think. I reserve the right to change my answer after more thinking and/or other views.

B. No, not so much.

C. Hmm. Okay, that one--I don't know what to make of it. I think I'd contribute, for example, as a member of Community of Awesome to get it paid status or permanent or for perks for it, but for that community. Other than that, I'm kind of confused. But I'm also aware that the comms I am enthusiastic in are fannish and have totally different content. Maybe there are comms that would use/benefit/like this kind of thing? No idea.

Um. YMMV, per usual. Still mulling. I really wish we had a metafandom equivalent for lj where all the lj meta is collected for reading and mulling. And no, I cannot imagine how huge that project would be, but if anyone starts one, I'd be happy to volunteer on it. Or is there one of those already? *curious*
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