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I'd like to thank weird sounds for waking me up, giving me an adrenaline rush, and tehn leaving me awake. Very awake. Hence, I have to do something.

I am totally behind in my Anonymous-gazing. Luckily, it's no longer all that hard to find what you missed. And for those new here wondering what the hell, my continuing fascination with what appears to be--almost--a live action meme.

As we all know, February 10 was the first IRL protest by Anonymous of Scientology, followed by a March 15 turnout called The Ides of March. Many of us watched in bemusement. Because really. Who saw this coming? (At least the first one. The second one--yeah, saw that one coming. Deeply curious about April now).

The Road to February 10th - a video documenting from the release of the Tom Cruise video to the first IRL protest. Really good. Really really good. Really really interesting. Did I mention good?

Radar Online

Cult Friction in Radar Online, really fantastic, if brief, overview of the current--er, conflict. Pre March 15th information.


After an embarrassing string of high-profile defection and leaked videos, Scientology is under attack from a faceless cabal of online activists. Has America's most controversial religion finally met its match?

Okay, cutting for space.

The Ides of March

The Ides of March gets its own page at Encyclopedia Dramatica. Lots of pictures, video, links. Assume now it's going to have something not work safe on it--this is Encyclopedia Dramatica, after all.

Operation Mock Collects Links. And I mean a lot of links.


Articles posted on March 15th from a lot of places: New York Post, LA Times Blog, St. Petersburg Times, oooh, Finland! Really?

Article Posted on March 16th, again, a lot of places.

YouTube video. A lot of youtube video. I won't say I've seen them all. Yet.

The thing that makes me sad is that too much time spent at Dramatica has introduced butthurt into common conversation with people (people who are at work), and spellcheck and I keep arguing about the spelling of moar.

Right, moving on.

Anonymous Versus Scientology, General

Project Chanology at Encyclopedia Dramatica, not work safe but seriously fantastic.

Project Chanology at Partyvan, and while it looks work-safe, keep in mind the origin of Anonymous and prepare accordingly when entering

Operation Mock, journalfen community with the best sets of links I've seen in a mostly worksafe space.

Anonymous on Wikipedia, which for some reason strikes me as hilarious.

And my personal favorite--well, I'm a fangirl. Combine vidding with social activism and I'm there.

Main Message

The Original Call to War, internetedly speaking. Lots of imitators, but no real rivals for sheer impact. With one exception.


For some reason, this user is the one I'm following most. First one I've posted before, but it bears reposting. I really like it.

Anon Versus Scientology: Message to Anonymous from Voiceless

From them:
Voiceless, a loosely connected group of ex-scientologists and others who have experienced the pain of Scientology's "Disconnection" policy, send a message of support to Anonymous.

Just on the edge of being creepy--and I kept re-editing it in my head for maximum chilling effect, but that could be the entire mannequin thing that just works as a terror mechanism and is used in a completely different kind of creepy here.

Message to Scientology Management from Voiceless

From them:
Dear Church of Scientology: Give us our families back.

Now, the one that actually made me remember to post this.

A Message From Voiceless to Scientologists Everywhere

From them:
Voiceless, a loosely-connected group of ex-scientologists, sends a message of solidarity to Scientologists, to the public and to Anonymous.

I love this one. I do. The song's fantastic, the text is interesting, the images in the background are surprisingly effective (it took me three watches to stop getting caught up in the message and get more than a general sense of what I was looking at), but the whole thing together made me buy this song. Which means I think on this one a lot when I listen, since it's on my primary playlist.

Someone better than I am at this can probably tell me if the contrast shift was as pointed as it felt between despair ("...that something was wrong with us"), hope ("And becomes a moment of true insight") then determination ("The revolution begins in your mind. The world is listening.") Or if I'm totally imagining it. Watching it without sound would help lessen the impact, except I have the damn song memorized.

Next date: Operation Reconnect on April 12

The only thing that vaguely surprises me is that AFAIK, only Journalfen, Facebook and MySpace have Anonymous hubs among the social network world. At least, I haven't foudn one yet on IJ or LJ.

Earlier vaguely coherent entries available under the tag a versus s
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