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argh, universe. argh.

So there's a livejournal content strike approaching.

I'm not participating--if I do, it'll be literally because I fell asleep or died or something--but the mass mocking of the concept got my back up.

There's this thing--crazy, I know. You can save whales, work on world peace, and care about livejournal! Really. You can. It's one of the many uses of higher brain function. It's like keeping several tabbed webpages open all at the same time! Yes, we live in a world where you can, in fact, walk and chew gum. And even listen to your ipod.

I mean--okay, on one hand, yes, I'm not entirely sure it will help. But dear God, it won't actually injure you in any way for people you do not know and do not care about, have never seen, and possibly will never interact with, to, you know, do something you don't do, don't want to do, and will not affect your livejournal life.

I think this comes back to that entire unnamed law of comparison. It is not and probably will never be a choice we have been worrying about entropy and worrying about the fate of livejournal and worrying if that beef from Happy Sam's China Kitchen was supposed to taste like that. Seriously. I mean, personally, I can worry about it all and then worry about the state of my skin (oddly dry, in case you are curious).

This doesn't refer to my flist, since I don't think anyone I've seen has posted about it yet. Or actually, anyone I know. Just a general rant of gah. It's okay if people do things you think are silly and meaningless! Crazy, crazy world.

(Is this emotional enough to be a rant? Maybe insert profanity? Damn! That work?)

I'm not comfortable with the anti-Semitism that's being mixed in this by some fairly vocal groups supporting this. Nothing on the link or in that livejournal specifically, but still. I'd rather go on the side of being overly worried than blow it off, to be honest.
Tags: livejournal, rant, stupidity is not a god given right
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