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Okay, wow, didn't expect that many people to still have openings for roommates! Thank you! I'm sorry about the delay in answering--work was less surfing and more actual work than usual, which is sad and yet means I continue to get a paycheck. I'm waiting for svmadelyn to get back to me now.

Again, thank you. And my huge apologies for not answering faster.

Before I wreck my soul with another devil like class again and staring blankly at my lecture notes--seriously? This is it? You think I'm going to understand classes if you tell me to just try hard?--Short piece.

Note: John and Ronon. For those who skim and click when they see John/R something. *g*

Title: Stronger Than Time
Author: seperis
Codes: John/Ronon
Rating: R/NC-17
Spoilers: Runner, The Return Part II, The Last Man
Summary: He's watching John erase a potential future with every second that passes.
Author Notes: It feels like I'm writing in an entirely new fandom. I didn't have nearly this much angst over Dean and John.

sgafic: stronger than timeCollapse )

Homework. Homework.
Tags: fic: stargate:atlantis 2008
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