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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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con.txt - so that looks like insane fun
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, so.

This is late, and it's like--okay, does anyone remember my impulse buying of rabbits and playstations? Right. This is like that, but now requires outside interaction.

Is anyone going to con.txt and, at this hugely late stage, still needs two roommates? svmadelyn and I are staring at it in a kind of--let us say hunger.

Yes, I know, so late, but it is there and it is hard to resist.

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Erm, this isn't exactly a response to this specific entry, but I thought you might be interested in taking a look at this. :)

Oh my GOD that is awesome. I am beyond envious.

*huge eyes*

If you can't do Con.txt, you could come to Shoreleave and see the Hewletts....just saying :)

I feel like I am taking a huge leap of fannish socialness even considering. BUT IT LOOKS SO COOL.

Well, it's not until June, so I don't think you're hugely late!

I'm planning to go, and will be rooming with nestra and gritkitty, or otherwise I would totally snap you two up.

*g* In fantime though, it feels late. I actually panicked when I realized only three tiny months like that would cause me to have problems packing or something.

God, fandom messes up my sense of time sometimes. *g* And thank you! We appreciate knowing we are snappable.

(I also almost wrote snapple.)

I always knew I was snappable. You need more confidence. *nods*

I have confidence!

...lots of it. Tons. Everywhere.

the partner chick and I will both be there ...

*g* You mean I get to meet you?

(Actually, me and madelyn werne't sure if it was an offer for room or offer to meet up, adn we are just bright enough not just, you know, ask. *sighs* We make us sad.)

it was mostly an offer to meet up; but if you're still in need, we haven't booked a room, so we might be amenable to sharing a suite ...

... I can check with my roomie? I'm going with mayatawi, and it's just the two of us. I'll be seeing her tomorrow afternoon, so I could let you know by tomorrow evening?

Checked, and she says you and svmadelyn are welcome to join us if you like. We're in the con hotel, and we have the room Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. ^^

Thank you so much for the offer adn taking the trouble to ask; I appreciate it a *lot*. One of madelyn's friends emailed her (i'm assuming when i posted this? Or something) and offered, so we'll be going with her.

Thank you again.

::drive by smooch:: Yooooou know why.

Sadly I have a full room- but I hope you do decide to come- it's my first con and I'm very excited. (I can't believe it's taken me this long!)

Wait. This is your first con?? *is mildly surprised*

(Deleted comment)
thank you very much for the offer! And sorry about the delay in answering. One of svmadelyn's friends is apprently going and offered space, but thank you a *lot* for offering.

That looks like a LOT of fun, and if I weren't already dithering about 3 other cons, I would definitely be thinking about going.

Hee! It really does. *crosses fingers*

I'm going and have no roommates lined up, so you know. If you still need offers? I'd be entirely open to sharing!

*blinks* Okay, I kind of almost want to prented the other person didnt' email madelyn. Gah. Yo'ure going to be there????? MUST DO--er. WEll, it's a con, obviously doing something in the same room at some point.

Er, I need sleep. But thank you so much. *hugs*

Actually, she just had to cancel! *grins* So if you'd like to be stuck with Jenn, me and nevermind98, you'd be very welcome to. :)

I would love to! Do I need to reserve the room, or has one of you already done that?

Ooo! I didn't know about this con. Drat, now I'm going to have to look for room mates, too.

con.txt yay!

It's been so long since I've been to a slashcon that I'm practically in a tizzy. There's nothing like a weekend where you can let all those silly, raunchy comments out the very second they wander through your mind.

Three months to go!

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