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interests are back way too fast

For those following along with the popular interests controversy--short version, certain popular interests being screened from public view--they've been restored. Updated posted to the_lj_herald. Also a link to the changelog showing the code change, or so it is said.


Okay, I give up. SUP, you have officially lost me. Either this was:

a. real and you withdrew it due to reaction,
b. it wasn't real and was to split attention between basic account and interests, then give us one back so we would be fooled into thinking you listen to us,
c. this is a test of your local broadcast system just to see if we'd notice,
d. really weird accident of some kind.
e. social experiment! (by trobadora)

No, seriously. That's just odd. Anyone have a guess?

(Thanks to amireal for the heads up.)

ETA: Advertiser Tracking of Flist of Sponsored Accounts with BEACON. Read the entire entry. (thanks to goss for the link!)
Updated 3/17/2008, 9:04 PM - This post is locked.

ETA 2: marta of lj staff has spoken in comments here. Um, not much so far, but wow. Staff speaking to us.
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