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interests are back way too fast
children of dune - leto 1
For those following along with the popular interests controversy--short version, certain popular interests being screened from public view--they've been restored. Updated posted to the_lj_herald. Also a link to the changelog showing the code change, or so it is said.


Okay, I give up. SUP, you have officially lost me. Either this was:

a. real and you withdrew it due to reaction,
b. it wasn't real and was to split attention between basic account and interests, then give us one back so we would be fooled into thinking you listen to us,
c. this is a test of your local broadcast system just to see if we'd notice,
d. really weird accident of some kind.
e. social experiment! (by trobadora)

No, seriously. That's just odd. Anyone have a guess?

(Thanks to amireal for the heads up.)

ETA: Advertiser Tracking of Flist of Sponsored Accounts with BEACON. Read the entire entry. (thanks to goss for the link!)
Updated 3/17/2008, 9:04 PM - This post is locked.

ETA 2: marta of lj staff has spoken in comments here. Um, not much so far, but wow. Staff speaking to us.

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(Deleted comment)
Color me unsurprised (Anonymous) Expand
I'm with you on odd, and I'm just waiting for them to break out the "it's all a social experiment!" explanation.

Seriously, WTF?!

God, I should add that to the list.

Hm. This makes me wish we had the lj_newsletter--like the sga newsletter, but concerned with problems and changes in lj. *sad*

Social experiment. They're probably in cahoots with the Psych department here. Their building is a maze. We're pretty certain it was built so intentionally to be used as a massive mouse maze psychological experiment using people. *g*

I love it. And it is *true*.

Also, I envy the maze. So much.

Thanks for the heads up on the Beacon thing...shocking.

I'm hardly surprised about the interests thing. I'm inclined to think it was a. But neither b, c nor e wouldn't surprise me.

I dunno. I hate to say b, but honestly, after reading on teh possibility of sponsored user accounts other than plus, I just don't trust them.

Actually, someone on my flist had an interesting theory which connected it to an earlier attempt to filter out certain categories from advertizers (so as not to pull in certain types of ads). Apparently a list collected when sponsored accounts started looks an awful lot like this.

All conjectures, but an interesting theory nonetheless...

This is an interesting theory indeed -- and on a gut level it feels more plausible than many others (aside from the "weird accident having soemthing to do with gnomes" theory further on down, which is (a) always true and (b) hey, gnomes!)

I'm not all that inclined to believe that SUP is acting out any grand plans, because I'm just not sure they're all that competent. On the other hand, I can totally see them thinking of something like this for the sake of the ad targeting and never even THINKING, after a million such blowups, that the users would notice or worry about it. Dumbasses.

(If anything, the so-called Beacon link above makes me believe it more -- a couple of things to point out first: it's not the infamous Beacon, and it's the same ad-tracking system that's been in place for close to two years now. But it does use interests as one of its inputs, and getting unwanted pr0n in your ads tends to make people inconveniently eager to learn about adblocking software.)

c. this is a test of your local broadcast system just to see if we'd notice
I'm thinking maybe this one? A test to see how quickly fandom can respond to changes (and to check what kind of shit SUP can get away with)??

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
I'm inclined to go with "d: really weird accident of some kind," just because my SO has been moderating on-line bulletin boards and discussion groups since the early nineties, and I've had a backstage view of all the different things that can go wrong: deleted messages reappearing without warning, open messages going missing ditto, private areas suddenly becoming visible to God and the world (always, inevitably, when the people inside the private area are saying things that they would really rather not have some other people read about -- and always, inevitably, when those other people are on-line and reading) . . . all sorts of things can have an appalled sysop firing off a frantic wail of "The database is hosed!" to the system's techgnomes.

I'd agree if the results weren't so--were more random, to be honest. But the choices aren't very random(except wtf on faeries, seriously?). So--hmm.

But yes, definite possibility.

I think it's probably just due to some sort of incompetence. I mean, that probably someone somewhere wanted to make the public list look "good" for some value of "good" that puts the official stats page in line with their new content flagging visibility that per default neither "explicit adult content" nor "adult concepts" are visible on their site but you just get a warning asking for your age. Someone has to implement this somehow for the special site pages like stats, and seeing how popular interests are likely fairly stable, it's easiest to just insert a list of "problematic words" somewhere. So sex is out, bisexuality and such too as maybe explicit or because some parents whine when their kids learn that there are gays and lesbians, then some staff thinks that "depression" is probably an "adult concept", and while they're at it, they have no clue what the cyrillic ones are, and maybe assume nobody looking at the English site would want to see them anyway so those are out too, except for the one they overlooked because its cyrillic letters look like latin ones at first glance.

*nods* That sounds very probable. *sighs* Gah.

LJ makes me uneasy these days with their actions. I know IJ isn't considered to be a great alternative either according to what I've read. I'm curious about what fandom thinks about www.deadjournal.com? It was the first LJ clone and the first LJ owner helped set it up according to their site. I'm not a member and have no idea of the features (or of LJ really either--I have 3 userpics and no photos uploaded, etc. I don't really care about those features although a lot of fandom does.).

(Deleted comment)
Oh agreed. I dont' think I've ever used it. It's more the principle of the matter I think, in removing from public view things that SUP considers--well. Bisexuality, Depression, Boys, Girls, Yaoi, Fanfiction, etc... Small, definitely, but not a comforting beginning for this regime, you know?

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