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so yes. i gave up.

So I broke.

Wii? Fine. Screw you. Child's got Playstation 3, you out of stock bastards. You know, only two months after his birthday, because seriously, this is ridiculous. If they want my money, they need to have the freaking product. So. Sony wins. And probably for a while; Playstation is a lot more expensive and blew through the money I had budgeted for the Wii and some I'll have to shave off next month's limited excess income.

There's a story for this one. It's not a long one. It starts and ends with the awesome that is MTV's Rockstar Special Edition. I just--I broke. It was that stupid demo at Best Buy! It was right there! It was--it was magic. I got off my last call to find a Wii, walked into the living room, brandished two credit cards, and remembered we have a lot of Playstation games here that we can't play since Playstation 2 bit the dust.

Oh my God, that thing is so cool I have no words. I totally kick ass on drums. There's this guitar and a microphone and we can get a second guitar if we had someone to play it.

...I have never played competitive rock band, but God, this thing could make me a junkie. Seriously.

First off, the drums are awesome, but I had to adjust around a lot. Those who have met me--you know I have freakish leg length? Okay, this has caused jean-length problems and *hurts* if I can't get a high enough chair and I have to use, say, my feet for something, and you have to use a peddle on some parts. But wow. We did the tutorial for the drums and guitar and it was just--amazing. I mean, this is incredible fun. We can also play online with other people if we find anyone else who has this. But yeah, I totally recommend this. Tonight my whole family got together to play and watch, and I'm like I DO NOT WANT TO STOP, but again, the leg problem. I'm going to need to find a way to work on that. Either a higher chair or move the peddle a fair distance from me so it won't cause so much calf strain.

I seriously recommend to the like, five people in teh world who did not know of this awesome. I really am tempted to dress up for it. Drag out my black eyeliner and glitter eyeshadow. Do this right.

Yes. Hi. I'm ten. But I am totally getting the appeal of garage bands suddenly. That drum thing is freaking crack.
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