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Because I'm an idiot. I knew better.

Regarding Somewhere I Have Never Travelled and that thing that people were kind of cranky about.

Stupid Question
seperis: If you were writing Somewhere.
seperis: How would you reconcile Clark and Lex?
seperis: I'll write it tonight if you give me a good start point.

svmadelyn: *mulling*
madelyn: but my good starting point would take a very long time.

Me Not Realizing This
seperis: I'll give you a few minutes. *generous* While I find the stories.

When I Should Have Realized the Danger
madelyn: *tilts head, curtseys*
madelyn: the scraps from your table humble me, my dear.

madelyn: Okay, I don't remember the logistics, but I liked the storyline you were going with with Daniel investigating the cults in the south.
madelyn: I basically liked what you wanted to do, and can't remember why you didn't want to do it
madelyn: but I like Clark staying out of not wanting to politically a-bomb lex's sorry ass

madelyn: and Lex sitting there drunkenly knowing that the minute his presidency ends
madelyn: even the sham nearness of Clark ends.
madelyn: day in, day out, tormented suffering
madelyn: contemplating bombing small countries and declaring martial law in order to prolong presidency
madelyn: despite certain...logic gaps in The Plan

More Plot!
madelyn: then Clark finding out about Kryptonian Menace and after much ado and torment, and possibly the obliteration of a few cities that the world likes - how about Atlanta? It has a history of burning? And hmm. Chicago, we can give up my new city

(Jenn's Note: I blew up Atlanta in A Handful of Dust and pretty sure Chicago has already been home to one X-Men drug-addict fic and at least one X-Men cage fight fic and I possibly also blew it up in another story as well. Can I do that more than once?)

madelyn: he decides he's going to need to become superman again, and has to find gold kryptonite
madelyn: lex is all: oh, fuck no, but yet, owes clark, and owes clark big, and also, still the president, still the out, perhaps after kryptonians lay waste to a few defense satellites and complexes
madelyn: *mulls*
madelyn: so Clark fights them. Possibly for a while.

Strange Side Plot
madelyn: Lex could get fat in the meantime.

Missed It the First Time She Said It
seperis: <--reading the cheating fic.
seperis: Hmm.

Reinterating Strange Side Plot With Angst!
madelyn: I like Lex getting fat, so far.
madelyn: I have to say.
madelyn: maybe he's got a tape of Lionel telling him he'll never be awesome.
madelyn: and he plays it over and over
madelyn: until it breaks.
madelyn: only he hears the voice in his head!

Sudden Realization of What I've Done
seperis: He is not going to get fat.

Sideplot With Added Angst!
madelyn: all the time. as he gets fat.
madelyn: well, you already gave him cancer.
madelyn: could come back.
madelyn: ooooh.
seperis: I am so posting this.
madelyn: FAT AND CANCER.

...ladies and gentleman, I present my best friend. I know. Just--take a moment and hope for me.

Final Words
madelyn: I wish you'd have just stabbed me in the chest with an ice pick.
madelyn: It'd have been cleaner.

I feel the love.
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