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really? i'm so shocked.

So--no more basic accounts? Like the dodo, they vanish into the ether, except not hunted to death. I'm not sure what kind of extinction that is. Would we call this the equivalent of a meteorite?

I know, seriously, I should find this freakishly annoying, but mostly, I'm trying to remember this post--circa 2004, 2005? Around the time Livejournal was sold. And someone on news--or somewhere--made this prediction of what else Livejournal would lose over the coming years while like, everyone told him crazy! No way! You're kidding! OMG YOU ARE SO STUPID SHUT UP THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.

I seriously want that post. And I want to checkmark it. Then I want to create an account, send a copy to everyone who mocked, and say "HAHAHA!"

As you can see, I am not doing any of that, because that is a lot of effort. And also, well. Again. A lot of effort.

However, this was funny.

ru_news announced it to their userbase before, say, news got around to it. When they got around to it. Which was just a bit ago? Right?

Translated at sf_drama. So far, it seems a legit translation. Let us all ponder the news community no longer being--er, about news.

To entertain ourselves--list out five things Livejournal will never ever change, because my God, they wouldn't! It's part of Livejournal! And we will gleefully check it off as they remove it in the future. Just to see.

I'll start.

1.) Paid Accounts will never have ads!


2.) Permanent Accounts will never have ads!- scrollgirl
3.) Paid Accounts Will Never Have Ads! No Paid Tier System! - seperis
4.) Permanent Accounts will not have maintenance fees! - wrenlet
5.) Paid Accounts Will Never Have Pay Per Feature! - beanniesheppard
6.) You will never be charged per comment or per post! - chinawolf
7.) Communities will always be free! - elucreh
8.) You will not have to pay for adding new LJ friends! - aurora_84
9.) You will never pay extra to have to join a community! - melodyunity
10.) You will never pay to have your comments mailed directly to you! - melodyunity
11.) LJ won't ever sell your personal data they collected over time to targeted marketing spammers to send you "interesting newsletters". - ratcreature
12.) You will never have to pay to past skip = 500 on your flist, after all, it's not like that happens often -amireal
13.) Pay to use faster servers during peak times! - amireal
14.) Your posts will never disappear under a cut-tag that says "This LiveJournal entry was brought to you by Pepsi"! - lavvyan
15.) Ads will never be in mailed comments! - seperis
16.) Permanent accounts will never lose features! - catmoran
17.) Non-paid accounts will never have limits on the number of posts or comments. - catmoran
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