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Reminder - SGA Big Bang Alternate Pairing Sign-Ups
children of dune - leto 1
sgabigbang is holding signups for all het and slash that's not Sheppard/McKay or Sheppard/Weir. If you have just been dying for motivation on your Lorne/Zelenka epic idea or you want to contribute epic art, tomorrow is the time to sign up starting at 10 AM EST on Wednesday March 12 (That's 9 AM CST and 7 AM PST and 4 PM GST).

Artist sign up for the above is here and already underway. There is also a link to writer information on that page.

ETA: Corrected for clarity.

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*looks wistful*

*kicks rocks*

*makes self finish massive figure skating AU WIP first, hands in pockets*

I've been dithering and dithering about SGA Big Bang. I've never written in SGA before and I want to. I'm not really into writing John/Rodney, though (reading it, yes, writing it, not so much), so I've been eyeing this whole process sort of cautiously, and I'm thinking that it would be totally unfair of me to take a slot from someone who's actually written in this fandom.

So I expect I'll check back tonight or tomorrow and see if there are still open slots that it looks like no one is going to sign up for. If it's a question of there being more artists than interested writers I'll totally do it. I did poll "Yes" in the writer's poll, but now I'm just, argh, I don't want to knock someone else out and then fail to produce.

And why am I telling you all this? That is a very good question.... Alas, I do not have the answer. :\ Lack of coffee, in all probability.

*stops rambling and goes to work*

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