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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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the comms you keep
children of dune - leto 1
Many Communities, Little Time

sgabigbang is still recruiting for het and alternate slash writers and artists. If you've been mulling your Damn Big SGA novel or thinking on some Damn Big SGA Art and think, I totally want to try! You should. Really.

....I still have no idea what to do for Big Bang. I mean, I have like, ten ideas, but two of them are exhausting and one is--I don't know. And eleveninches keeps saying "SOULBOND YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO" and you know what? I totally do. I just don't know how well that goes with large scale massacres. I need to think. I don't want to rewrite Jus Ad Bellum, but--I'm not sure that story said everything I wanted to say about prejudice and choice, because I didn't know then what I know now about it.


shakydismount has been started by cereta, and I don't even know how to describe my utter joy at the idea of a comm for fannish feminist parents. Have you people seen some of the other lj parenting comms? Oh my God, no. But this? This is perfect. Pulled from the intro post in cereta's lj:

shakydismount is a community for fannish feminist (mostly) parents. The purpose of this community is for fans to discuss media, books, comics, and other sundries with an eye not just towards gender representation, but also with an eye towards how the depictions of gender and gender roles affect our daughters and sons. While aimed primarily at parents, stepparents, and those who are or have been actively involved in raising children, the community welcomes aunts and uncles, grandparents, godparents, cousins, teachers, or just anyone concerned about how the next generation of fans is seeing (or not seeing) women and men depicted in our beloved sources.

shakydismount is a place to:

* Share books, tv shows, movies, comics, etc that you see as particularly positive in their depiction of gender and gender roles.
* Seek recommendations for books, movies, etc.
* Share outrage over some particularly problematic depiction (or lack thereof) of gender and gender roles.
* Discuss strategies for instilling awareness of these issues in our kids.

More info can be found in the userinfo of the comm--if you're interested, check it out. If you're curious, also check it out. This is an excellent and needed resource, I think, for fanparents. I'm literally bouncing a little in anticipation.

...seriously. A comm for fanparents. Awesome. And so much the time has come.

It appeals to me both as a parent raising a boy and as the aunt of two girls and future aunt of another boy. I want someplace to double check what I'm teaching him (and them), and think seriously about what I say before I say it.

I love this.


My niece is adorable. That is all.

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I KNOW ME TOO. It's almost a headdesk of--wow, why did no one think of this before? Some of us are raising the people the rest of you will one day be flaming!

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Re: I'm gonna go out on a limb and say they're not good.

*grins* I have a weakness for babies. Triply so when I'm blood related but don't have to care for them 24/7.

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(Deleted comment)

sgabigbang is still recruiting for gen, het, and alternate slash writers and artists. If you've been mulling your Damn Big SGA novel or thinking on some Damn Big SGA Art and think, I totally want to try! You should. Really.

I thought the sign-ups for gen & McShep were closed yesterday? Or is the whole sign-up being extended with the addition of the other categories?

I think art's still open as of last night. Hmm.

shakydismount That's AWESOME. IAMSOTHERE.

My useless vote for be for SOULBOND. (Actually, my vote would be for "MORE OF YOUR STUFF PLEASE" because I'm totally greedy like that. Don't care. Unicorns farting rainbows and puppies? You'd make it work somehow.)


I am trying! I just--need a plot. *frowns* Something to inspire me.



You know I would die and go to heaven. :D

*whimpers* Those are my favorite things too.



Hmm. That wasn't as much of an indictment as I thought it would be.

OMG You so need to revisit Jus ad Bellum! Because it wouldn't be the same. Not at all!!! And this fandom needs more dystopias and more political fic!!!

*nudges and cheerleads you*

*thoughtful* If I can figure out the change point, I might. I know the concept, but not the solution or the reason yet. Hmm.

Soulbonds? Dystopias? Healing sex? Prejudice and choice? Large-scale massacres? Political fic?


Yes I'm swooning at all of them! I'm easy when it comes to your fic.*g*

I have a concepty thing that insists on being written, but a)it really needs that thing called, what is it again, oh right, PLOT; and hm, yeah, really, a).:)


:throws self at your feet and clings to your legs:


I would love you for all eternity and beyond (not that I don't anyway, but still...).

Hesitantly dipping a toe in here (hi Jenn! Love your stories, only owe you about forty-seven pieces of feedback. Moving swiftly on...) but when you say 'soulbond' and 'I just don't know how well that goes with large scale massacres', well, I'm not seeing the disjunct. I mean, yes, maybe the passionate Crimes-Against-Humanity love is running away with me here but those two just ... go together. Like puppies 'n' kittens! Only more with the blood and screaming.

The soulbond wouldn't have to *cause* the massacres, after all. ('Scuse me, just have to wander off for a CAH moment now.)

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