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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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mondays are like the anti-chocolate
john behind bars
If you think of The Batshit like you think of The Force, it's a lot easier to understand why people get taken with it so often.

It's like--some days, you get up, and there's no stirrings in The Batshit at all, and you go about your day as one does. And then some days, you are staring at your livejournal thinking, I bet I can totally alienate ten people before lunch. And you're not sure why. Nor are you sure you are thinking clearly. Because you know, you're probably not. No, why would I be talking about me for the last four hours?

Leaving off the horror of Prequel canon (and don't we all want to?), I think it's a fairly good theory. Some are strong with it, some are weak with it, some get hit with it every so often and some have no idea they have it until like, they're floating spaceships and Yoda and trying to Lizzie Borden or Borgia someone's ass. Virtually speaking.


Tangled Web by Anne Bishop, the new Black Jewels novel, did indeed scare me. I started when amazon delivered at six pm, finished at ten-ish that evening (it's a nice, fast read), and spent the rest of the night totally freaked out by every dark corner of the house.

Anyone read yet? Anyone still vaguely freaked out? Anyone kinda wonder? I kind of want to do a post on it, but I don't want to spoil anyone either.

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I bet I can totally alienate ten people before lunch

*raises hand* Me, please?

Leaving off the horror of Prequel canon

A sound, sound piece of advise. *shivers and runs to the safety of Empire*

The prequels make the reign of the Emperor look kind of *good*, don't they?

Oh my god yes. At least to get away from all those stupid costume-changes.

(i love leia. her mama? can diaf)

So. Disappointingly. Freaky.


Leaving off the horror of Prequel canon (and don't we all want to?)

Actually I like the prequels. I didn't even mind Jar-Jar (though I don't want to read het or slash with him)... Should I feel alienated by you now?

Ooo! I forgot TW was coming out -- I should send the husband to go pick that up or something.

Or...Or I could bundle it with "Ark of Truth" and order them from Amazon. Hmmm....

Yeah, see, I am deeply and irrationally fond of Phantom Menace. And not just for the Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan slash. I even like the stupid kid. YES, I KNOW. (I do still want to eviscerate Lucas for Jar-Jar's dialogue all around but Jar-Jar himself didn't irritate beyond that; I still want to see the renegade cut that some fans apparently did where they garbled up his speech to alien gibberish and subtitled him in normal English. Apparently it did wonders to improve the character.)

But--I also am deeply and irrationally fond of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. I tend not to admit to that one much. My taste in bad movies is... not the readily explicable.

If it ever helps in coping with the prequels, should you ever need to for some reason, my household came up with a fanwank that explains why the romance of Padma and Anakin had all the passion of a dead tree (aside from the fact that Hayden Christensen cannot act) and explains it within the context of the universe quite neatly. (And also explains why Padma "died of a broken heart" after delivering the kids, which, no.) The theory is: Anakin subconsciously force-whammied her through all of it. And when he repudiated her, he yanked the force-structures that were holding her brain and life together and--that's why she collapses. And *that's* why she can't deal with the kids, because her life's been a sham for years, she's basically been raped in all the ways you can be by a kid she'd cared for, and these two kids she's just given birth to are the symbol/product of it. And that'd be enough to kill someone's will to live, when having kids to live for and take care of usually strengthens one's resolve, specially in someone as strong as Padma demonstrably is (hi, she was elected QUEEN at *what* age? and she's a *senator*?).

(Deleted comment)
Hee! Yes, totally.

It is the only way I can remotely deal with it. Seriously. The movies make no goddamn sense at all if you don't go with this fanwank; so I do!

I did read TW. I had no time and read it over a few days, so maybe that's why it didn't scare me. I thought there were a number of funny moments; I really enjoyed that about the book. Also the giggling spiders. :)

I skimmed/read it. The spooky house was both a cute and scary idea. The black jewels books bother me on some level (though when I first read the first three I was totally in love), especially the later ones. They're like fanfic that's good but not quite at the omg amazing level. It's like they're missing something at the core? I'm not sure. But I am constantly inspired to think of spin offs and fanfic set in that verse. It's such a sexy fantasy mary sueish verse.

I'd love to read your post on it. You can always warn for spoilers! I'd love it even more if you wrote fanfic for it... but I suppose you can't get everything that you want. :)

Oh my gosh it was soooo good. And yeah, I was freaked out.

Some day I will entertain you with How George Could Have Justified JarJar... No, Really. But right now I am undergoing unplanned (and unbudgeted) battery replacement *cries*



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