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mondays are like the anti-chocolate

If you think of The Batshit like you think of The Force, it's a lot easier to understand why people get taken with it so often.

It's like--some days, you get up, and there's no stirrings in The Batshit at all, and you go about your day as one does. And then some days, you are staring at your livejournal thinking, I bet I can totally alienate ten people before lunch. And you're not sure why. Nor are you sure you are thinking clearly. Because you know, you're probably not. No, why would I be talking about me for the last four hours?

Leaving off the horror of Prequel canon (and don't we all want to?), I think it's a fairly good theory. Some are strong with it, some are weak with it, some get hit with it every so often and some have no idea they have it until like, they're floating spaceships and Yoda and trying to Lizzie Borden or Borgia someone's ass. Virtually speaking.


Tangled Web by Anne Bishop, the new Black Jewels novel, did indeed scare me. I started when amazon delivered at six pm, finished at ten-ish that evening (it's a nice, fast read), and spent the rest of the night totally freaked out by every dark corner of the house.

Anyone read yet? Anyone still vaguely freaked out? Anyone kinda wonder? I kind of want to do a post on it, but I don't want to spoil anyone either.
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