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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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a lot of this can be blamed on my own laziness
children of dune - leto 1
This Thing With Sockpuppets? Sort of? It's HP related, so--yeah.

I'm just saying, there's this small part of me that can't help but be impressed by the level of commitment required to fake an entire life--I barely remember what I had for breakfast. That's kind of why Miss Scribe always vaguely fascinated me; it's not even the time commitment that's startling; this is the internet, and lets face it, you can carry it anywhere with you. It's the fact to pull this off, I'd not only need spreadsheets and SQL to help keep up, I might need professional actors to play all the different me's. Or have svmadelyn organize it for me.

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Does anyone think this is new for LJ let alone fandom?

I don't think it's ever new, not anymore, but it does make me wonder about the changing attitude on anonymous and on people with very strictly protected identities.

I am not in the Hp fandom what so ever, but I read the whole Miss Scribe debacle like I was watching a good movie or something. I don't get how people can live fake lives on line, especially with how hard it is to live a real one.

Yes. I mean, I'm barely able to be consistent with the *facts* of my life. I'm not sure how I'd pull off teh stuff I'd make up. I'd have like, cancer and then forget and get lupus or something.

Word. I could never pull off a fake me. Sometimes my family will frown at me and try to convince me that everyone I know online is lying and a predator, but I always think, why? It would be so much effort. Also, you don't need an identity to squee in fandom.

*grins* Very true. SQUEE is universal.


Just... wow.

God, I know. I get exhausted *thinking* about it. I mean, you met me. I barely wanted to stand up when I didn't have to.

Sanity by laziness--I do like how it's a positive, you know?

Run, Madelyn! Run like the wind!

Oh, she would totally love it. ALL HER ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLZ!


Er, well, yes. All right, then.

*nods sadly* She would only be sorry she did not think of it first.

She can make you believe she did.

Recruiting. In my livejournal.

Stop giving them the Kool-Aid!

(also, plz send me a person who undrestands C++ classes)

Okay, pigeon! *readies post*

I love reading that sort of thing. It's like looking at an alternate universe. And I completely agree, I just don't have the time, energy or memory to pretend to be anyone else. I have enough trouble just being me.

*dies* It is! I didn't tink of that! It does kinda make me want to create Seperis_Mary_Sue about my totally fictional and awesome life though. Create my own alternate history! FTW!

The whole Miss Scribe thing really fascinated me, too. As you said, the commitment is pretty impressive. And scary. I'm not getting all paranoid, I'm like 99% sure that most of my online friends are real, but I sometimes I forget how relatively easy it is to fake your identity on the internet - or I just dismiss it because I don't understand why someone would do that. Sure, I get that many people's may tweak the facts a bit, make their online identities maybe "cooler" than their real ones, make themselves seem more interesting or something like that. But inventing an entire fake plus PLUS an armada of sockpuppets? Crazy.

And yet, she blew it by not keeping her ISPs straight. I mean, if you're going to work that hard and you have several ISPs, you should take care to have a different ISP assigned to each sockpuppet. She required more attention to detail but, alas, constantine was always a big picture person.

If only she could have actually delegated to a sockpuppet....

Dude, my main thing with this one is why do people keep saying the fans with cocks get more love. Is it even true? I don't see my friends falling all over themselves to adore the guys in fandom.

OK, not the point. So, um... yeah, trying to keep track of stuff. Doesn't it sound too much like work? Probably is too much like work, happily. Otherwise we would have a few of these a month. It requires special nuttiness to follow through.

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