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sgareview 4.20 - the last man

Question for The Last Man - I have read no other entries and I have no clue, but.

I cannot explain my sheer glee if Stargate writers managed to utterly and completely throw me by making the hologram of Dr. McKay a fucking Michael plant. Oh my God. That is so cool! THAT IS THE MOST AWESOME THING IN THE HISTORY OF AWESOME. THAT IS TOTALLY OH MY GOD. AND MCKAY ALL NO CAN'T USE GATE! NO IDEA IF SAFE! OF COURSE NOT. IT IS NOT SAFE BECAUSE THAT IS NOT ATLANTIS. And using Rodney! Who of course John would trust without question! And etcetera! TELL ME THIS IS POSSIBLE.

That would explain Holo!McKay's a.) hair (as I know male pattern baldness) b.) intimate knowledge of how Ronon and Sam and the Wraith queen died and c.) make me slightly less annoyed that if Jennifer hadn't had died, John would be starving to death 48,000 years in the future. Because seriously. Also--Carson. In that stasis pod. d.) sweater vests. Oh my God, that was a sweater vest and I never really cried for Rodney's taste in clothing before, but I am now. A lot.

Give me odds, people. Unspoiled odds. Because a.) that history was annoying (though Rodney and Keller! Cute! So cute! But I still wince for non-existent Ronon/Keller) and b.) everyone conveniently died? Just--poof? Everyone? Seriously? One at a time?

Oh wow. I like this possibility. I do. A lot. For many reasons stated above, but also because Stargate rarely ever impresses me and this is impressive.

Oh my God. I want. WANT WANT WANT. PLZ LET IT BE TRUE. Otherwise, I will damn well write it myself, because the concept is too awesome for words.
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