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sgareview 4.20 - the last man
children of dune - leto 1
Question for The Last Man - I have read no other entries and I have no clue, but.

I cannot explain my sheer glee if Stargate writers managed to utterly and completely throw me by making the hologram of Dr. McKay a fucking Michael plant. Oh my God. That is so cool! THAT IS THE MOST AWESOME THING IN THE HISTORY OF AWESOME. THAT IS TOTALLY OH MY GOD. AND MCKAY ALL NO CAN'T USE GATE! NO IDEA IF SAFE! OF COURSE NOT. IT IS NOT SAFE BECAUSE THAT IS NOT ATLANTIS. And using Rodney! Who of course John would trust without question! And etcetera! TELL ME THIS IS POSSIBLE.

That would explain Holo!McKay's a.) hair (as I know male pattern baldness) b.) intimate knowledge of how Ronon and Sam and the Wraith queen died and c.) make me slightly less annoyed that if Jennifer hadn't had died, John would be starving to death 48,000 years in the future. Because seriously. Also--Carson. In that stasis pod. d.) sweater vests. Oh my God, that was a sweater vest and I never really cried for Rodney's taste in clothing before, but I am now. A lot.

Give me odds, people. Unspoiled odds. Because a.) that history was annoying (though Rodney and Keller! Cute! So cute! But I still wince for non-existent Ronon/Keller) and b.) everyone conveniently died? Just--poof? Everyone? Seriously? One at a time?

Oh wow. I like this possibility. I do. A lot. For many reasons stated above, but also because Stargate rarely ever impresses me and this is impressive.

Oh my God. I want. WANT WANT WANT. PLZ LET IT BE TRUE. Otherwise, I will damn well write it myself, because the concept is too awesome for words.

Do you really think its Rock falls, everyone dies? I didn't think it was a Michael plot but that certainly makes sense.

It looks like that, doesn't it? The only survivors are Rodney and Lorne? That's it? And everyone died dramatically but you can fix it! If you just come back and save Teyla!

Yes, it's too--neat.

I-- hmm-- I would like if it were a michaelplant, to have it of been altered after the fact. I want some of that to be true.

And-- I do not give the writers that much credit. I know nothing mind you, I just don't see it.

Well, the thing is. And this is why I tend to go with this--it was a trap. There was no past-jump, just John tossed onto another planet. Because that future was the Michasel awesome future and Michael is totally the type to set that type of thing up.

Also, I don't know why it bothers me, but--seriously. That was way too pat for me. Just enough challenge not to be too easy, but not enough challenge, like, say, last minute problem with the thing--just boom. John comes out, goes home, save Teyla! And fails.

It's just--oh God. If they did that? Writers get my love forever.

I would love, more than is sane, for your hypothesis to be true. So much love. However, I have no faith in the writers/creators to go there. They are so not that creative. They are scarily gen and simplistic. From where I sit, the only reason they get some things write in a storyline is more because of the actors who play it that way. So...sadly...I don't think they're going there. But I would be so freaking thrilled if they would. Now THAT would be amazing story telling.

So go forth and write it. Cause you're right, the concept is too awesome for words.

*crosses fingers* I have faith.

They did say the s5 finale is going to be MEGA AWESOME OMG (Mallozzi's words, I believe),so I am guessing that Rodney was 100% a Michael agent, and the big s5 finale shocked is a) that, and b) all the major characters being killed off in one fell swoop of melodramatic shakespearean brilliance.

I want that to be the situation...maybe if we all hope really hard it will come true?

(Deleted comment)

I mean, in this timeline, Rodney didn't bother to worry about John trapped 48,000 years in the future until his girlfriend died? They didn't do anything? Rodney didn't obsessively explain how he spent years working on the problem?

I just--no. I believe the entire thing is based off Teyla's baby to an extent. But I believe a lot more that Rodney wouldn't wear a.) a sweater vest and b.) explain how the entire project was because Keller died.

I mean, I could be totally wrong, but--I dunno. It was too easy with the city, I think. One problem, sand. That's it. Everything else miraculously in perfect working order. Just--I don't see it. Especially when Rodney specifically states "Don't use the gates", because--you know, why not? If the other option is death by starvation?

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
That would be pretty vawes.

I will seriously take back all I said about them if this is true.

Totally unspoiled comment here.

I love this idea, I really do, but I have to say, I think it's an awfully long way to go to lay a trap for Sheppard & Co. I mean, it just doesn't seem necessary. They are not that hard to fool.

Write it, please? ::bats eyelashes::

That's why I think it MIGHT be a combo-- that thing happened to sheppard, unplanned etc, and Rodney DID implant some way to help him, but I think Michael caught on and changed the scenario enough to either make him win, or make him win bigger or something.

Great hypothesis - but I think you are crediting the writing staff of SGA with way more talent and intelligence than they deserve. Mallozzi and Mullie simply do not write stuff with that much depth or that is that clever.

Sorry to piss on the bonfire, but that's how I see it.

You should write that though, cos it's awesome.

*thoughtful* Normally I wouldn't, and I am pefectly willing to admit I could be wrong--but they set up an absolute worst-case scenario there, beyond regular worse case. He kept John from gating anywhere else, he has no food, so he's on a timeline, so it's either go with Holo!McKay's plan or die. Enough challenge to distract John, enough history to make him believe it, and making it Rodney McKay so it's unquestioned.

It's just--the entire thing was so pat, even for Atlantis. Nothing else went wrong! At all! Right until ambush. Something that there's no way Michael could have known about.

Hmm, I really love that idea, but I think Mallozzi and Mullie used up all their brainpower to think of the plot we saw on our screens. I really don't think they could come up with something as layered as you suggest. :| That being said: omg write it!!


Whoa. That...would make a lot of little things make sense. And it wouldn't be the first time an SG villain pulled (or almost pulled) a fast one on our heroes--Hathor tries a similar trick back in--er, season two? three? of SG-1. Only there, the team was able to find each other and figure out what was going on. But--oh, what if the promised Genii info was also a plant somehow? Because Michael seems to have an awfully good spy network and such.

--John, all alone and carrying the deaths of pretty much everyone, and almost dying in the sand storm.... Well, it would be a bit much to expect him to be thinking straight. Especially since he shows how unfamiliar he is with SG-1 lore (although that reference holo!Rodney makes to "1969" would be a bit hard to explain if it was Michael).

Erm. I don't know how coherent that was.

It was useful in convincing John though, wasn't it? Happening ot know that? So as to stave off useless questions? He did a lot of that.

Can't use gate! No MALPS! So John can't go to anotehr planet.
SG1 had this happen! So of course it's true.
No food! Can't stick around here.
Planet is dying! Must get to stasis pod quickly!
Sandstorm! Keep him distracted.
All works perfectly! John goes home.
Amubush! Huh, didn't see *that* one.

Just pointing out that one of the prompts for BB is a post-s4 story!

Going out for the night. Won't be back till late and will probably be very drunk (wine sampling party with cheese and chocolate fondue, yay!). So chances are I'll talk to you tomorrow!

(Deleted comment)
No, I agree, hence my five perecent theory that I'm right.

But I'm suspicious that John came back just in time to save Teyla, not quite in time to say, spend a couple of days examining the data crystal, Rodney didn't know about the solar flare at all until John said it, and they get there early where OMG ALL THE INFO THEY NEED and it's--a trap.

I am totally believing I'm wrong, yes. But even for SGA, that's very very pat, pat information, and kind of--well. Then what was the point of it exactly? The entire ep was then a set up for no actual climax to events.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Interesting theory, but it seems like a very complicated plan just to get a small group of Atlantis people killed when the building falls down. If Michael had captured John, wouldn't he be more useful as a hostage? To ensure Teyla's good behaviour if nothing else? Also, the fact that the solar flare actually happened at the exact right time, as confirmed by present!Rodney, makes it seem unlikely that it's all an elaborate scheme.

Like, I said, literally no chance this is correct. But I am curious, consdiering cirumstance, why he didn't see a solar flare in the sensor logs until John told him there was one and that handy data crystal was handed over.

I hope this is true. I guess it depends on what the first inspiration for the episode was. To me, it feels like it was "Let's do a possible-future episode!" rather than "How can Michael lead the Lanteans into a trap without the mindbond he used to get Teyla?" but even with the first, it could have evolved into, "But it's not really a possible-future episode!" and what you said.

God, I really hope it's like this.

Me too. So damn hopeful.