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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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afternoon in the office
children of dune - leto 1
I've had a lot of coffee and my brain age is 29 (best is 20). Therefore, I think I am almost fit for human interaction.

Nintendo DS + Brain Age I = CRACK CRACK CRACK

Actually, part of it is this; relearning how to memorize and retain is actually fairly hard. I never have had any sort of decent memory (except SV fic; man, there was a period in my life I was doing a seventy something percentage recall; that fic where Clark ate a grape? INDEXED IN MY HEAD. Tentacle rape? KNOW ALL THREE. I am glad that period of time has passed.) Pattern recognition, however, is a lot easier.

And those speed math tests are really cracky, but also really focusing for some reason. I have no idea why, but doing one hundred simple problems at speed is extraordinarily mood-lifting.

Also, TETRIS dammit. I want. So. Much.

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I *love* the Nintendo DS!

Not that I own one, oh no. They have a Nintendo DS at the gym. Sneaky bastards! I go use the gym now just so I can spend half an hour standing in the corner and getting my fix on the Nintendo DS.

Love the maths test, and the clock game, and the memory games. But I'm *pants* at the musical one and I find the spelling games *too damn slow*!

Best score on the Mental age test... 20! *buffs fingernails* And I'm 40!

Mind you, it's a public gym. So every so often somebody comes along and wipes off my details and puts their own in... and I curse and have to try and get my score back again the next time I go to the gym!

I agree with you. I WANT SO MUCH! :-)

Also, TETRIS dammit. I want. So. Much. YES! And it should be available on the Wii Virtual Console while they're at it. *demands Tetris on all platforms*

I blame the fact that I had to go buy a DS and Brain Age on you.

I still love your posts, though.

I had to look up what a Nintendo DS was and I just recently figured out what Wii was *crawls back under luddite rock*

Brain age looks really neat!

Actually, part of it is this; relearning how to memorize and retain is actually fairly hard.

It's called metacognition. It improves with age. Little kids just don't know when they've memorized a list of words, whereas older kids know how to, and know when they've done it.

850 citations on google scholar. You'd best show respect.

I am totally blaming you for my newest addiction, I just thought you ought to know. My DS and I are now OTP!

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