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afternoon in the office

I've had a lot of coffee and my brain age is 29 (best is 20). Therefore, I think I am almost fit for human interaction.

Nintendo DS + Brain Age I = CRACK CRACK CRACK

Actually, part of it is this; relearning how to memorize and retain is actually fairly hard. I never have had any sort of decent memory (except SV fic; man, there was a period in my life I was doing a seventy something percentage recall; that fic where Clark ate a grape? INDEXED IN MY HEAD. Tentacle rape? KNOW ALL THREE. I am glad that period of time has passed.) Pattern recognition, however, is a lot easier.

And those speed math tests are really cracky, but also really focusing for some reason. I have no idea why, but doing one hundred simple problems at speed is extraordinarily mood-lifting.

Also, TETRIS dammit. I want. So. Much.
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