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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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okay, so not just me?
For those, like, say, me, who panicked when livejournal wasn't working, trobadora started LJ Refuge in insanejournal since greatestjournal is now tragically dying. Plz to go there to get all your status needs.

I, for one, have a severe headache and a wicked temper today. I'm currently debating whether to release it into the wild or eat more dark chocolate. This decision is hard and while I decide, I think I will finish the bar I have now for evaluation. Which will make me feel better? It's a hard question. It may take several bars to answer.

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I vote releasing! It's like that thing with leeches, only less disgusting insect-ness.

*curls up and mopes* It can only end in disaster. I rarely spend a day wishing I could just stay in bed and hysterically cry, but today is that day.

Disaster is relative, and I will volunteer to stomp disaster before it approaches you?

I could kill things today. Or possibly cry. But mostly kill.

Huh? It seems I slept through LJ's latest breakdown.

As satisfying as the whole bar of Green & Black's was, it didn't do much for my grumpiness at the whole ear situation I have going on at the moment. I have another three bars in the fridge - I don't think the scales will thank me for that though.

Heh. Chocolate is friendly!

Friendly, but oh-so-fattening.

Ah, bollocks to it... *starts on second bar*

I vote releasing, only because chocolate makes my headaches worse when I have them, and can even bring them on when they're threatening. It is sad.

Oooh. *winces* Okay, that sucks. Chocolate is supposed to be an absolute good.

I'm currently debating whether to release it into the wild or eat more dark chocolate.

Why does it have to be either/or? *innocent*

It's hard to type and eat at the same time. Okay, that is a total lie. But it's not *easy*.

One bite, one sentence, one bite, one sentence... :-)

Works for me. :D

Well, everyone eats their emotions from time to time, but I don't see why you should suffer a sugar rush for the failings of others. Remember, you are as awesome as two ninjas, stapled together. I say you eat one of the the chocolate bars, make weapons out of the wrapper, and kill your enemies with them. Everyone wins. ~_^

*thoughful* I can make dangerous origami cranes from the wrapper, this is true.

*studying wrapper*

I suggest re-tagging your del.icio.us accounts. You don't have tags for length, your locale tagging is weak, and where are your tags-by-season? Hunh? Hunh?

Although, really, considering your usual fic content, I don't see why you can't take it out on someone and end up receiving glowing feedback instead of a starring role in a wank journal. You have at least two universes where John kills for profit. *hint*

I'm at the point where I have to decide if I want to add restaurant as a tag. DAMN YOU SGA. Also, I've god an oddly high amount of wingfic tagged. I blame sgagenrefinders.

I have tag-by-season! *appalled* And length! And location! And *weather*.

Jesus, I have a tag on weather.

...point on the profit thing.

I hear ya. I had a major headache all day and after taking a loooooong nap I decided to replace dinner with chocolate. Or have chocolate for dinner, whatever.

'I'm currently debating whether to release it into the wild or eat more dark chocolate.'
You too!?! I went to the store during work-break and bought a really dark and sinful chocolate. I was mewling in delight......
Good thing I couldn't escape from work afterwards because I would be a pound or two heavier now.

So I guess today wouldn't be the day to ask whether you're doing BigBang, would it? *whistles innocently with puppy eyes*


Will Risk Wicked!Temper for 40K of JennFic

p.s. chocolate is *always* the best answer:)
p.p.s. I get wicked bad migraines, a *lot*, so I feel for you, a ton. Headaches/pain *sucks*.

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