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to my remixer, with love and hope

poisontaster has a letter to her remixer up, and I--are we supposed to do that? I mean, I feel like mine should be an apology.

Something like this:

Dear Remixer

Yeah, who saw that coming, right? Before you stare at my webpage and ask musesfool to switch, please--there is totally stuff in there that's. Um. Not angsty. So you know, go there.

Here, all tagged. Perhaps obsessively so. If you feel the need to remix something with, like, rain? I totally have a tag for that!

What you may not have known about me before you got my name:

There's a tag for disfigurement. Probably want to skip that one, eh?

There's a bundle of tags for location. I do not make apologies for my runs into OCD. However, if the tag mentions a city and/or state, even odds it involves either drugs or death or really creepy sex with boots involved. It could also involve a car. Just--yeah. I'd watch for that.

I don't--necessarily--consider ending the world "unhappy", so to speak.

I don't--necessarily--consider character death "unhappy".



And with that in mind, hi!
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