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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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and lo, the vibrators fell lke rain and we all marveled
children of dune - leto 1
amireal linked me, because she is awesome.

Sex Toys Are Finally Legal in Texas

I would like to propose to my fellow Texans that your duty is to go out and buy in a show of support for this groundbreaking legislation. So go. Go buy your dildos and buttpluts and vibrators. Find the thing that synchs to iTunes and still freaks me out (seriously. iTunes. Plugin. No words). Get lube, in many colors and many flavors. Find zen with latex. Rekindle passion with the--egg things. Discover better living through electronics and plastic and glass and metal and you know. Other stuff. That I still can't name.

This, my fellow Texans, is your duty. And please remember which are dishwasher safe adn read the directions or something. Some of those have more functions than my laptop and possibly an independent intelligence. Seriously, have you see the buttons on that remote control thing? Probably needs formal training.

Right. Go. Be--um. Ecstatic.

Write porn with one or more of these things. Oh come on, most of you would do it anyway.

He's not even sure how long it's been--the slow, lazy warmth of John's mouth, teasingly light, followed with sharp suction that has him arching off the bed, losing time to the slow, even thrust of the dildo John's using to open his ass one slow inch at a time, hollowing him out and filling him with every breath. Fingers digging into the pillow, Rodney pants out pleas he's not even sure are words, salty air washing across his naked skin while John slowly licks his cock, blowing gently on the tip to make Rodney twist, pushing toward it only to feel hands on his hips, pushing him deeper into the mattress.

When John goes down on him, pulling him into his throat, Rodney wants to ask how much longer, but he's scared of what John might answer.

i wonder if those things are legal yet in my good ole home state of Idaho...



The slide in stills time like taffy, endless and almost too sweet and firm but too good to stop. Rodney's legs spread wider and his ass clenches, wanting it deeper and faster and more, everything more.

John's mouth moves up, his lips wet and swollen and like sex all by themselves as they slide back down nudging Rodney up another step towards infinity.

"YesIcan'tpleasegodgoodI--" John's hand twists and something not unlike ecstasy shoots through Rodney hard and fast and his breath hitches in a shocked gasp.

John smiles and does it again, lips curving perfectly over Rodney's cock.

*wipes tears from eyes* I'm so proud of you guys! All grown up and buying sex toys!

It is very obvious that they are legal in PA. Obvious all along the I-15 corridor where there are many truckers. Seriously, the skanky sex shops are thick on the ground. Some aren't bad, though. ;-)

It is very obvious that they are legal in PA.

Oh, hells yes. Three words: South Street, Philadelphia

Sometimes I have to stop and check a calendar to be sure what century we're in now.

*is nervous*

He sighs and pushes in again slowly as he looks at the young man spread across his desk, his face flushed, his lips wet and swollen from Jack's kisses, his tie still around his naked neck, the knot now beginning to come loose. The silver ring around his cock and balls is pulling now, pulling at the stretched skin, and the red and dripping cock releases another drop of shiny fluid across the tip and onto his sweaty and already-wet stomach.

"Jack, I have to come," Ianto begs in a whisper, his arms coming up and crossing over his face in a desperate attempt to hide, to regain some measure of control over his body. They've been fucking like this for nearly a quarter of an hour and every time Ianto gets close to coming, every time he begs to have the ring removed, Jack gently pushes his hands away.

"In a minute, Ianto," Jack breathes quietly, pushing in yet again. Ianto is so tight, so hot around his cock and Jack starts to speed up his thrusts, pushing in again, running his hands around Ianto's torso and pulling him up into a hot, wet kiss.

As his tongue fucks Ianto's mouth, so too does his cock fuck his arse, speeding up the tempo with each thrust until finally Jack removes the cockring with a click of his fingers, pushing in once, twice, three times more as he comes deep into Ianto, the heat milking every drop out of him. Ianto breaks, flinging his arms to the sides of the desk and grabbing on tightly as he releases his come onto his belly and groans in relief.

I haven't written smut in years, and I've never written Jack/Ianto. Be nice to me. :)

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If you all buy glow-in-the-dark dildos and vibrators, then you can wave them in the air at political rallies.



Pound them up and down. Up. Down. Up. Down. Rhythmically. In tune. To, you know, whatever the theme song is at said political rally.

And, gosh, I sure hope these things are legal where I live or else, well, I'm living illegally. ;)

I'm also guessing you don't get that QVC type show on your local channels in the early hours on Sunday mornings that sells . . . toys. It's . . . imformative . . . seeing all those things wiggling around and moving in-and-out. My John muse has caught my Rodney muse watching the show a few times. It usually results in . . . *activity*.

And I think I've said enough.

Because you know how I love my toys.

It wasn't the first time that they'd done this, but it was definitely the first time that John had been the one that asked for it, instigated it. Rodney was currently using that information ruthlessly, teasing John's hole with the occasional brush of silicone. John's pretty sure that the time between brushes was being created by a perfect random number generator in Rodney's head. John was trying to figure out an equation for it when he felt the head of the dildo slip in, just a little bit.

"How long?"

Rodney's voice was muffled a bit from where he was biting constellations onto John's chest, his hips and thighs.

John responded by clenching his teeth against the groan that was building up, fingers clenched on the edge of the mattress where Rodney had put them earlier. "Like this," he's said, hot against John's mouth. "Keep them like this."

"How long," Rodney repeated, pushing the toy in another quarter of an inch, far too slowly, "how long were you thinking about this before you finally asked me?"

John let his head fall back against the pillow, panting as Rodney teased him, not moving the dildo in farther, just tilting it, turning it enough to make John buck his hips against Rodney's bulk.

"Was it hours? Days? Since last night when I fucked you up against the wall?"

John groaned and let himself finally give up, words pushing forward. "Since last time. God, Rodney since the last time you-"

Rodney kisses him, pushing unyielding silicone in slowly, inexorably, in all the way. Rodney's mouth against his shoulder, smug smile and a sharp bite of teeth makes John think maybe, next time, he won't wait so long to ask.

Re: Because you know how I love my toys.

Just a minute ago, I was feeling a bit chilly. Now, not so much. ;)

Well to be fair, butt plugs were always legal in Texas see the Dildo Diaries"

Doing my duty as a Texan

Today's to do list:

-vote in primary
-buy shiny, legal blown-glass dildo

*wipes tear* I'm just so durned proud of my state. *sniffle*

Texans who wanted to have always managed to buy sex toys anyway. THere's an interesting place in Dallas called Fine Arts North where porn stars walk around nude and sign guests' body parts @_@

THe law didn't really affect the patrons, only the poor clerks - who were often arrested in police raids for selling obscene material. Note that the clerks were arrested and fined, not the owners!

This lead to buttplugs and other devices being labeled with the following on every package: "This item is a cake topper for decorative purposes. It is not sold for human use." I saw this label once on a 14 inch double sided dildo and wondered what kind of cake it would be designed for ;)

I saw this label once on a 14 inch double sided dildo and wondered what kind of cake it would be designed for ;)

An awesome cake, that's what! \o/

OMG, but seriously? Cake toppers? I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. ^_^

That little snip of porn deserves this icon, for sure. I mean -- damn.

I don't live in Texas anymore, but I'll be visiting my folks there in a couple of months. Now I am tempted to buy my next vibrator there, just because I can! :-)

*nods wildly* Support sex toy sales!

So I live in Texas and I knew about it being illegal to own more than six but I did not know that it was illegal to own them for "sexual purposes". I even know some people here who own them. Huh.