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and lo, the vibrators fell lke rain and we all marveled

amireal linked me, because she is awesome.

Sex Toys Are Finally Legal in Texas

I would like to propose to my fellow Texans that your duty is to go out and buy in a show of support for this groundbreaking legislation. So go. Go buy your dildos and buttpluts and vibrators. Find the thing that synchs to iTunes and still freaks me out (seriously. iTunes. Plugin. No words). Get lube, in many colors and many flavors. Find zen with latex. Rekindle passion with the--egg things. Discover better living through electronics and plastic and glass and metal and you know. Other stuff. That I still can't name.

This, my fellow Texans, is your duty. And please remember which are dishwasher safe adn read the directions or something. Some of those have more functions than my laptop and possibly an independent intelligence. Seriously, have you see the buttons on that remote control thing? Probably needs formal training.

Right. Go. Be--um. Ecstatic.

Write porn with one or more of these things. Oh come on, most of you would do it anyway.

He's not even sure how long it's been--the slow, lazy warmth of John's mouth, teasingly light, followed with sharp suction that has him arching off the bed, losing time to the slow, even thrust of the dildo John's using to open his ass one slow inch at a time, hollowing him out and filling him with every breath. Fingers digging into the pillow, Rodney pants out pleas he's not even sure are words, salty air washing across his naked skin while John slowly licks his cock, blowing gently on the tip to make Rodney twist, pushing toward it only to feel hands on his hips, pushing him deeper into the mattress.

When John goes down on him, pulling him into his throat, Rodney wants to ask how much longer, but he's scared of what John might answer.
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