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sgabigbang and schronicles update

It's not that I'm contractually obligated, it's that svmadelyn scares me.

Big Bang

sgabigbang will be welcoming Sheppard/McKay and Gen stories for this challenge year. If you would like to see something else offered, if you're a big Ronon/Elizabeth or John/Teyla or John/Elizabeth shipper, or WHATEVER, I have a proposition for you. See and follow directions in post. There's also a prompts poll up, and seperis made me delegate with some really brilliant guilt-tripping, I have to say, so she'll be having a second one up today.

Short Version: SGA Big Bang is open to Sheppard/McKay and Gen and we would like to know if there's anyone would like to do a Het side of the force. Answer here if you're interested. The same rules that apply to the other two types will apply to this one as well. Probably the same prompts unless they're too specific for the pairing, but if we get enough participants, we'll take that up then.

It was, actually, very damn brilliant guilt-tripping. Now I am allowed to do an entire job for the comm. One day, I may be allowed safety scissors! To look at. If Madelyn says so.


schronicles is hosting a Finale Chat tonight for The Sarah Conner Chronicles. Go on over, fill out the poll, and watch for final chat details on the comm. (Sadly, U.S. centric. *pities you poor people...elsewhere...*) I caught up with the episodes I missed last night, and you know a show is good when you have to GO TO YOUR GMAIL INBOX because you're too scared to watch John take a key off a Terminator in shut-down mode. (I was listening for him to be fighting and screaming though if the Terminator came to. *cringecringe*) And then with freaking BRIAN AUSTIN GREEN playing Kyle Reese's brother saying he won't be the one to bring down metal on the Conner family? Nnnngh. Oh, be still my ♥.

Please, please, go watch this show, or have it streaming on your computer even if you're not listening/watching. I did it for FNL! I did it for Journeyman (thought I freaking loved that show, etc.)! I'm sure I did it for others, but I never paid attention to the show so it's not like I'd actually know and can use it as fannish capital on you now, but assume I did it for your show. *doe eyes*

And--hmm. Nintendo DS is crack, crack, crack. Also, teh cracky game is called Brain Age and I am totally training my brain. Totally.
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