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because it pays to snoop

One of the neat side effects of insomnia (though to be fair, this is because I practically slept half the day, so really, this is just delayed sleep) is I tend to sit around and stalk people's ljs for things to use against them later.

Sadly, rageprufrock does not have blackmail material on a filter I can see. Bitch. But! Going through the snapshots tag, I did find:

Rodney and the Military Themed Gay Porn Thing

John deletes it off of their computer and swears their secrecy. All six give it happily but the underlying message is that it's all pointless; the video got out more than twenty-six hours ago, and like those God damned dancing hamsters, there's a better than likely chance everybody in Atlantis' very close-knit network has seen it now—has it saved on their hard drives now.

"Those uniforms aren't right," John says dismally, crumbled into a chair in the ready-room, staring miserably at the recycle bin on Kinner's laptop.

"They never are, sir," Kinner says sympathetically.


John the Slutty Supermodel Thing

“Do you even know how to read?” Rodney asked finally in frustration.

John only winked and said, “Oh, yeah. Got lots of practice, you know, being shoved face down into my photobook and getting banged over the side of a table in open calls and stuff.”

I want them both so badly I can taste it.
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