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(no subject)
children of dune - leto 1
*pathetic look*

Anyone know of a rec page--or recs--of John/Ronon? Please? I need a fix. A lot. And yes, definitely read and maybe memorized thisisbone's series.


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Ohh, that's an awesome idea! *tries*

Oh! And Ronon/John gets all new results! Man, I can see the rest of my night is going to be spent doing pairing bingo. Thank you!!

(One day I really need to learn how to use del.icio.us)

It's not the most intuitive system, but once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy. The pink squares are darker depending on how many other people tagged it, and if you click it, you see a list of all the people, their tags, and their descriptions, like so http://del.icio.us/url/6931cea68d46d593fdd890a14021d220

Now, if you see someone whose description appeals to you, scan down the right column, find their name and click on, say, their john/ronon tag, (or sga, or their username). Or,you can just scan down the right column, and find someone whose tags you like, then you can click on their tags, or their username, which brings you all of their tags.

And if you've got a username/are logged in, you can then add that person to your network, which means their tags show up, friends list style, with the rest of the people in your network on your network page, http://del.icio.us/network/k8andrewz <= mine.

oh my god, that -- that -- that's awesome, the URL history thingy? omg so awesome!

For one thing, yay, of course I checked my own fic first so woot ego boost! :D

Thank you so much for the tips on using this thing! I'll enter the information age yet....

I don't have a page, per se, but idyll writes some lovely stuff. I particularly liked her To entangle so to know.

I second the recommendation on idyll. She's wonderful. And then the few fics I have saved are here. With a lot of idyll and thisisbone. LOL.

elynross asked that same question a few weeks ago, and here are the answers she got.

Not sure if it's okay to pimp your own, but I did three short linked ones, no actual smut but with a D/s subtext:

Line of Command

Feeling Fine set after Common Ground.

Edging Closer set after Irresponsible 3.13

Edited at 2008-02-29 03:15 am (UTC)

I love you a lot right now.

Then I will stop feeling warm around the ears as I always do when I've leapt up and down pointing at my fic and shouting, 'Read itreaditreadit...please?'


Oh! You have to read http://hth.gatefiction.com/radionowhere.htm and also http://hth.gatefiction.com/releasemech.htm

And if you don't mind a little rodney mixed in with your john/ronon, you most definitely must read http://hth.gatefiction.com/AlphaCen.htm!

I am a bad, bad, fangirl who never makes has time to comment on anything, but I have to rec arseenicjade's North series (which I, um, haven't comment on either) - it's quite possibly my most favourite John/Ronon series in the world.

The main story is Unsaid, and the others are ficlets that follow it. Don't be put off by the fact that Unsaid is basically a bunch of S2 episode tags strung together. The structure works, and the story develops beautifully.

I should pobably also mention that it's got D/s elements. I know that's become a cliche in John/Ronon fic, but it's really the heart of their relationship in this story, and it's amazingly tender.

I'd also second the rec for Hth's stuff, except I think you might have problems with her characterizations of John.

We have somewhat different character views, yeah. And Ronon and Rodney aren't my thing, so--yeah.

Marking that series now. Thank you!

Thanks for the rec. Fantastc story!!

try hth_the_first, and lalejandra's publishing AU, which is my permanent john/ronon happy place.

Oh yes, I second that - it's my permanent happy place too. I even downloaded the game Ronon plays and it takes me there too.

I like the Practical series by musigneus starting with Practical here and linked through.

And, um, I wrote some, ages ago.. very PWP though. Two parts starting here *stops shameless self-pimping*

I've got a bunch of stories tagged at del.icio.us/pouncerrecs

Go down the sidebar to m/m pairings and you'll find john/ronon. There's also a tag for ronondex, if you want more character-focused stories.

Believe it or not, I just hit your webpage and started reading today. Well, except for one that I hit off a link list, then belatedly realized where there is one, there are probably *more*.

*grabby hands* Thank you for the link to more fic!


I'm all about the John/Ronon at the moment, and if I can help get you to write more like "Feel You Breathe", everybody wins.

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