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and lo, there is much of linking and little of content

Because glee continues apace--Baby!--and who knew endorphin releases came with other people's childbirth? Not me.

Places to Go!

sgabigbang is starting up again this year. That's the one where you write a novel and get fanart! Go brainstorm here.

schronicles has opened for business, modded by svmadelyn and I. Quote from her post:

seperis and I have been longing for more Sarah Connor Chronicles discussion (and fic!), so we created schronicles. Of course, FOX might undo all of our visions for this comm if they're stupid enough to cancel this show, so. Maybe we should all have a little party while it's existence? Bring all your Sarah Connor Chronicles loving friends! We can talk about the pretty and the violence and how cool this show is! And maybe we can have some fic challenges after next week's (SEASON) (SEASON) (SEASON, RIGHT FOX) Finale.

It may be a very short party. But by God, it will be a fun one. Please let it come back. Please let it come back. Please let me catch up on eps this week as well.


Okay, a day earlier--I am trying to set myself a weekly schedule just to see if I can. I blitzed through several people's webpages this last week, so some old, some new, some borrowed, some blue. SGA, Torchwood, slash and gen mixed.

Perpetual Motion by ltlj -- from Surfacing, glorious, plotty, deliciously creepy Morlocks, organic batteries, amnesia, and plotty first-seasonish Sheppard/McKay. I still glee over this one so hard.

Experiment #24 by mmmchelle - Okay, hot, yes but also sweet and warm and shippy which is totally my drug of choice.

Diplomacy in Waltz Tempo by wickedwords from Surfacing. I love this one, and I'm going to minimalize summary by saying it's John/Rodney, hot, and intersting. Leave nice feedback. It's a lovely story.

Little Boxes by miss_porcupine - Sheppard and Ford, from beginning to the first end. It's touching and a little painful, both in what they were and what Pegasus made of them. very highly recommended.

Absit Omen by miss_porcupine -- for those following her epic and utterly fantastic Qui Habitat (the one where the Ori win the Milky Way? That one? The one that I want to make everyone in the universe read?), a bit on Reletti and the war in Atlantis.

Seriously. Read this universe. Amazing.

Cosecant by miss_porcupine -- Second season, Jack and John and before he knew he was going back to Atlantis. I love this convo intensely. Both of them are *excellent*.

Ordinary Life by cesperanza and astolat -- from Surfacing, I think we can call this The One Where John Sheppard Is Bond.

Archimedian Point by trobadora -- Dr. Who, Jack Harkness when he wakes up after Rose's actions in The Parting of the Ways. Frantically edged, nervously aware something's changed--wow. Love it.

This really reminds me I need to update my other fandoms page. *mulls*
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