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and it's a large girl!

And niece born! At noonish, and nineish pounds (I haven't been to the hospital yet, and my father is distressingly bad at keeping details) sister sent text message from hospital, 9lbs 2oz. I believe it. My sister was huge. Niece II, nine pounds. This is so awesome.


One hour, something minutes, I shall see Niece II and fall in love all over again. Disabling comments because I don't know when I'll be home to answer. Will have stats then! And may spam svmadelyn with pics by phone.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments on my last post! We are deeply excited. This is totally like having one of my own, except I don't have to live with her, feed her, or do anything but tell her she's very smart and will one day help Child take over the world. And give her to her mother when she's messy. It's totally the same thing.

Will not drop by Dillards and get just one more dress. Will not. will not.
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