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meta rec - repeat to yourself, it's just a show
children of dune - leto 1
Drive by meta rec, originally linked off my flist.

Repeat to Yourself, It's Just a Show by popfantastic:


But I am suggesting that talking about social and cultural issues in fandom educates me about how to understand, explore, and respond to them in other contexts. And I'm grateful to those who put in the mental and emotional energy to carry on these conversations, which are often frustrating at best and devastating at worst. So to say that it doesn't "do anything" or "accomplish anything" (in the offline world, in relation to "real-life" events) to talk about racism or misogyny in TV shows is not only beside the point, but also factually incorrect, at least as applied to this fangirl.

I'm still curious how much crossover there is between my RL and OL. RL does affect OL big time, but I've never actively tried to quantify what I bring from OL to RL either. Possibly because my fandom life is better documented, so to speak. I'm not sure if it's even quantifiable, to be honest, but I know it's there. I just don't know to what extent.

Anyway, fascinating post, and some of the comments are equally interesting.

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meta rec - repeat to yourself, it's just a show

Thank you for the link to popfantastic's post. It struck a chord with me and I commented there about a recent incident in my life.

Real life and online life certainly are *not* separate: they impact one another for me, at least! I've learned a great deal from online posts and comments concerning race, religion, feminism, gay issues, etc., and attitudes on all these, and I've gleaned some courage from the example of those online friends who are working towards social change. And that ain't hay!
Love, max

Re: meta rec - repeat to yourself, it's just a show

I defintiely agree; I just get behind so easily when work covers the same territory. Luckily, that is what bookmarks were created for. And I evnetually catch up. *g*

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