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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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webpage update, redux
children of dune - leto 1
Okay. Done. Done.

Sheppard/McKay Recs, added 96 97, cannot feel the pad of index finger anymore.

I am never, ever trying to do a style overhaul again, even though the main rec page is tragically ugly, I so do not care. All intersite links should be added and fixed to work.

Any problems accessing, with links, etc, feel free to comment while I try not to cast off my right hand. As it hurts. God. Maybe I should think about doing this more often than once a year, hmm?

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*gleeful clickthrough*

New - Academic by Rageprufrock
AU of SGA. Rodney was accused of plagiarsm before he got his doctorate. And everything, everything changes.

'Academic' is the funny story, while 'Out of West' is the one the description talks about~

Also, for future reference, it's probably easier to set a CSS font class instead of hard coding in all the font colors & whatnot. :D Change 1 thing versus change everything? ;D

I did for everything but "new". Span kept failing and I gave up on it for the week. *g*

Hmm. Now that is weird with tehlink. It hought I had both of those. *sighs*

Oooh! Shiny! =D

... I don't really NEED to sleep tonight... do I? T____T

Oh Lord, 97 recs to work through. Thank you.

First one I clicked on, though, isn't working. Sorry. It was the one to Chelle's Discovery, Stumbled Upon. I got a "Not Found" response.

Fixed! I left off a " on the link.

You are wonderful and fabulous! *bookmarks*

Not to be negative, but whatever you changed since I last looked at your recs was really bad for the display in my browser, this page (and actually thegen recs I looked at before too) has annoying horizontal scrolling and the fonts have gotten tiny.

I seriously have no idea. *blank*

Okay, stripped out some positioning code. That should--should fix it. I'll work on the fonts tomorrow. At this point, it might be worth it to hard code them in as 12; they're supposed to match the size of the default font of viewer when set to 1em, but apparently that is deeply not owrking.

Sorry! *stares at code in loathing*

Ugly, schmugly! Yours is the very first SGA recs list I was ever linked to, and I'll always be grateful to you for linking to so much wonderful stuff. It's partly your fault that I fell down the rabbit hole that is SGA fandom. So thanks!

You rock! I am just very sad that I do not have time to read them all just now. :(

Ooh ooh ooh! *tags page*

Soooo...can we have Smallville recs now? *blinks hopefully* (Come on - you don't really NEED your index finger! you have 9 others for goodness sake!)

Psst, you have me listed as the author of "Best Somethings", and I seriously had to look at it for a second before I realized I hadn't actually written the story. It's shrift.


Got it. I just can't--for some reason--manage to login from work today. It keeps kicking me out and hating me. Which is totally in line with how this thing is working.

Fantastic stuff! Well I know my Sunday plans when I'm lolling about in bed recovering from a hangover has now got some reading included. Thank you.

I thought you might appreciate this :)

Oh my God it is like my life.


Wow, a public service has been performed here, for sure! Seconding what someone said up above, it's largely your rec list that got me hooked on SGA (and your fic of course - that's actually what started the whole thing). So thanks for this. I understand about every eighth word you write when you do your programming posts, but it actually makes for surprisingly entertaining reading (in the way which says I really don't want to the actual work which I brought home to do at night :)). Thanks, seriously. I'm so excited, because I realized that there are some recs on here I haven't read, woot!

Honestly, before del.icio.us, it was the only way I could keep up with fic I liked, especially when everyone started doing the non-mailinglists postings. Dark, dark days.

And thanks! I hope you enjoy them!

pst, the link for The Atlantis Local Stitch'n'Bitch is busted.

Huh. Okay, fixing now.

This webpage hates me. *helpless*

This looks clean and simple and elegant. One little thing is in the SGA the other and multiple page has the same gen header as the gen page.

Fixed. Thank you! I forgot when cutting and pasting to change the image file names. *facepalm*

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