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rec - downtime by ladycat777 (crimes against humanity)

I--I don't even have words.

Downtime by ladycat777, a pretty, pretty, pretty Crimes Against Humanity PWP that just--oh my God. I'm supposed to function after reading that? Are you serious?


Rodney is enjoying it, loves it the way he loves every power source he's ever made or found, the potential for destruction and mayhem held together by the fragile skin and bones of his hands alone. John is more finely tuned, more delicately explosive, than anything Rodney has worked with before; it makes Rodney newly appreciate organic sciences.

Below them, Lorne is training new recruits. It's a lovely picture, Lorne with his pretty boy, clean cut smile, casually flipping soldiers that used to think they were the best at what they did. John has standards when it comes to the growing number of men stationed around the base and even with the implants—especially with the implants, perhaps—he wants them all broken to the methods he's used so successfully. A few days from now, once they're healed up from Lorne's increasingly violent punishments, John will take his turn with them.

Rodney can't wait.

Just--with the--*flails*. And the--well. I mean. That.

Best. Present. Ever.

Actually, what's getting me here is what telesilla says about the lushness of the language. Good or bad, how people put things together fascinates me, like a man of how they think. This stuff is good.

I am going to go um. Work. Yes. That is what they call it, I'm sure. Work. I wonder if blackmail or bribery will get me more? *hopeful*

Yeah. Go read that now. That's just. Well. I knew it'd be good, yeah, but I didn't know it would be that good.
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