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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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how does that even work, thematically speaking?
children of dune - leto 1
sutlers totally has made the win.

...I seriously have no clue how to describe it, but I feel that maybe the Goa'uld came to earth before. I don't know. I only know that I didn't realize the lyric "Bright eyes" was oh so literal.

Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler.

I don't even know what to do with the ninjas. I just know my life could not have been complete until this moment.

You so want to know about the ninjas. Hell, I want to know about the ninjas.

Oh, that *video*. I remember *shrieking* at my parents NOT TO CHANGE THE CHANNEL because that video was on. (I also had the song on a 45 and played it to death. That song, for me, was the height of romance. I was, it goes without saying, in junior high.)

But man, I just... I don't know why there are ninjas. At all.

I want to see this back-to-back with the video for Celine Dion's "It's All Coming Back to Me Now," because IIRC that's nearly as insane.

That's another of them I stare at in completely uncomprehending glee. And the one to Love Like Winter, but that one is supposed to be alternative vampire-fetish with added water, so---

I need a playlist like that. All Acid, All the Time.

But they're not just *any* ninjas! They're NINJAS doing BALLET!!!

Ballet!Ninjas! And then the Dance of the Loinclothes.

I just want to have been the person auditioning them. "Yes, please dance around in this bit of cloth. Thank you. Yeah. Just like that."

I remember when that video first came out! When MTV & I were young!

It made no sense then, either.

It's truly a work of metaphorical genius. Someone should examine it and tell us the hidden meaning.

...you totally want to do it, I can sense it.

I only know that I didn't realize the lyric "Bright eyes" was oh so literal.

*blinks after watching* Or, I suppose, they could be Terminators? *is scared*

...this could be a crossover like no other we've ever imagined. Fanon that predates the canon!

Edited at 2008-02-20 04:03 am (UTC)

*blink* HOW have you never seen that before? I thought that video was, like, a rite of passage for a generation of MTV watchers.

I didn't have cable until college! *g* That is why I occasionally youtube for days on end hitting like, my entire teenage playlist.

I--can't stop looking at the ninja and loincloth dances.

...it's the Olympics? As staged by a Goa'uld? With a dance fetish? And a thing for underage boys?

....I got nothin'.

There has to be fic like that out there somewhere. I don't want to *read* it, but I have faith in fandom.

(Deleted comment)
Ooh, I thought of that same one! Gorgeous, bizarre combo of Beauty & the Beast and Dracula.

Oh my.

I loved this song -- I still love this song. But... there was no cable and the only videos I ever saw were the ones they played at the roller skating rink and... this didn't make the cut.

I wonder why. This is so much better to watch than "Every Breath You Take." Sting getting mopey and creepy with the candles does not hold a flame -- ha! I slay myself -- to ninjas.

God, Sting. That one never stops creeping me out, even when I was a kid, especially now. He has that look about him--that, you may leave me, but I break into your house and steal your underwear every morning, you know?

...I have Cheap Trick's The Flame. You soooo cannot judge. Damn you iTunes!

She's a horny headmistress with too much time on her hands, so has devised a diverse cross-educational program appealing to naked young men from a variety of planets and cultures, clearly.

I adore the song, but the vid is insane.

...that is an awesome theory.

I . . . I have no words for that. I never saw this before. We didn't have cable in those days. I had no idea such magnificence even existed.

There are few things I approve of more than inexplicable ninjas. Can you imagine if on SGA Zelenka and Ronon were just hanging out and ninjas were doing ballet in the background? I feel all shows should have them. Last Christmas, my brother and I became addicted to this Korean show called Emperor of the Sea, just because we happened to be flipping through the channels and stumbled across ninjas attacking out of nowhere for no discernible reason. Later we discovered they weren't just ninjas, but pirate ninjas, and promptly decided it was possibly the best show in the history of all of television.

Please tell me more about this Korean pirate ninja show. I swear to God, Korea has the best tv ever.

Watching, I couldn't decide if I was terrified or just really impressed and envious. But then, surprise twist at the end!

....was that entire thing not a very strange short-term acid trip?

There are a lot of WTF moments in that music vid, but over-the-top moments like the dancing ninjas, flying choir boys, and freaky glowing eyes kind of inure the viewer to equally WTF but less showy moments. Moments that would have leapt out of another music vid, but seem almost sensible in context. For instance, Bonnie emoting via her shoulderpads, the creepy too-knowing kid in the be-winged chair, the football players who are playing with shoulderpads but no shirts, Bonnie flinging herself onto a mirror after rushing through the afore-mentioned footballplayers, the boys at their desks who are properly dressed until a breeze blows and you realize they have no buttons on their shirts, and the fact that the lyrics are bizarrely contradictory. Plus, I cannot believe she can get her fingers through that hair.

I think she's the dean of an S&M boys' school.

I think she's the dean of an S&M boys' school.

I think we have a winner!

Maybe it's just my fannish side coming out, but the first thing that struck me was actually how much Bonnie Tyler looked like Camille Coduri, who played Jackie Tyler on Doctor Who. And then, yes, the cracky imagery kicked in, along with the realization that if they made a gender-inverted version of this video there'd be massive protests. :)


Huh. I totally did not see that until you said that.

...now when I watch Dr. Who, I am going to imagine Jackie singing with choirboys and this can only end in hilarity.

*already giggling*

OMG! I TOTALLY forgot about Laser Eyes! Ha!

Still love this song, though.


...wow. I love that song, but I somehow made it through life without seeing that video. Until now. That is quote possibly the most schizophrenic music video I've ever seen. Of all the lines to portray literally, why did the director pick "bright eyes"?

Seriously. That one? I mean, wow.